Chinese VT-4 tank takes 30 minutes to fire a shell. After Thailand, Nigeria now complains about VT-4 tanks

Recently, with an article published in the Nigerian Defense News, about the Chinese supplied VT-4 main battle tank equipped by the Nigerian Army, it seems that something is wrong with the VT-4, which has always been regarded as the pride of China’s tank industry exports. The report mentioned that the Nigerian Army is not very … Read more

Pakistan army modernising its tank fleet to catch up with Indian Tanks

The Pakistani Army has begun an urgent modernization of its armored force for the fight against the Indian T-90 tanks through Chinese-made tanks. modernizing The Indian T-90 tank is expected to face a series of modern Chinese-made tanks serving in the Pakistan Army. According to DefenseNews, the Pakistani military was once forced to abandon large-scale … Read more

Most powerful main battle tank in Southeast Asia

Many countries in Southeast Asia, focus on developing armored forces by investing huge money in buying many modern main battle tanks from abroad. Referring to the most powerful main tank models in Southeast Asia, the first is the VT-4 tank, currently serving in the Thai Army. This is China’s most powerful export main battle tank, designed based on Beijing’s domestic version … Read more

Pakistan’s VT-4 tank is more than capable of crushing Indian T-90s: US Media

Pakistan army news VT-4 main battle tank will “change the game” in the upcoming conflicts in South Asia, with the ability to crush the Indian army T-90s tank. According to the American website military watch magazine said that Pakistan is the fourth country to put China’s VT-4 tanks into service. Analysts say that the VT-4 … Read more

Pakistan Army inducts first batch of China made VT-4 battle tanks

Produced by Chinese state-owned armoured vehicle manufacturer, Norinco, the delivery of VT-4 tanks from the manufacturer began in April last year. Pakistan is the third country to have bought these tanks from China after Thailand and Nigeria. The Pakistan Army has formally inducted the first batch of the China-made VT-4 battle tanks into its armoury. … Read more