Meet the weapon systems that are performing as the backbone of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

According to Business Insider, after 8 months since the Russian-Ukrainian conflict broke out, every backbone weapon in the Ukrainian army at the moment is aided by the West. At the present time, the weapons that are considered the “backbone” in the Ukrainian military, are of Western origin, here are 5 names listed by Business Insider. … Read more

Russian Military capabilities has been suppressed due to the Russian-Ukrainian War

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on the 1st that due to the threat of being surrounded, the Russian army and the Donbas armed forces have withdrawn from Bonliman to a more favorable position. Obviously, the Russian army has had to give up the important node of Bonliman, and the military situation of the Russian … Read more

Russia has started production of MAGNOLIA self-propelled Artillery Systems

According to Joseph P. Chacko in Frontier India, Russia has begun mass production of its newest arctic artillery system nicknamed “Magnolia”, produced by Uralvagonzavod (UVZ), part of Rostec. In the Autumn and winter of 2021, the system was successfully tested in cold temperatures in northern latitudes. Artillery units deployed in the Arctic and the Extreme … Read more

The tug-of-war between Russia and Ukraine on the Kherson front

The Russian army has finally revealed the full strength of its military power, with comprehensive firepower and extremely scientific and flexible combat. Russian news agency Sputnik quoted Russian Army spokesman Lieutenant General Konashenkov statement. “Currently, the Russian Army has stopped the Ukrainian Army’s attack on Kherson in the Nikolayev-Kriverich direction and other directions” Konashenkov said … Read more

Ukraine cost Russia dozens of Kalibr missiles to destroy the wooden HIMARS models

Ukraine’s wooden HIMARS model is said to have cost the Russian Army dozens of expensive Kalibr cruise missiles. Ukraine’s Armed Forces are now using diversion tactics through wooden HIMARS models as targets for the Russian Military to launch long range cruise missiles to destroy them. The above mentioned information was published by the Washington Post. … Read more

How big is the military gap between Russia and the United States?

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict has been going on from the past 184 days, and i still can’t see any immediate end of this conflict. I thought that the Russian military action against Ukraine would be like the U.S. against Iraq in 2003 but the reality is that the Ukrainian Army has already caused heavy damage to … Read more

What type of Soviet weapons did Ukraine has received from Eastern European countries?

When the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out, many Eastern European countries gave Ukraine back the weapons supplied by the Soviet Union in the past. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union provided many weapons to allied countries in Eastern Europe. When the Russian-Ukrainian conflict broke out, many weapons were sent back to Ukraine by European countries. … Read more

Israeli “Iron Dome” became the most effective air defense system in the world, having successfully carried out 97% of interceptions

The Israeli Iron Dome air defense system has recently successfully intercepted and destroyed 97% of the rockets and missiles fired by terrorists from Gaza. Following the results of less than two days since the start of the recent conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip, it became known that more than 780 rockets and missiles … Read more

The first battery of the NASAMS Missile Defense System for Ukraine arrived from Norway to Poland

The first NASAMS air defense system for Ukraine arrived from Norway to Poland. A few hours ago, a Ukrainian military transport aircraft An-124 took off from the territory of the Norwegian military air base Evenes, which delivered the first battery of NATO-standard NASAMS air defense systems to Rzeszow, Poland. This, apparently, is about two of … Read more

Five Russian cruise missiles hit western Ukraine city Lviv

Around two hours ago five Russian cruise missiles hit Ukraine’s Western city Lviv. The train station and storage units were targeted. Ukraine on Monday (April 18, 2022) confirmed that five missiles have struck its western city of Lviv and have caused multiple explosions. Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi said on Facebook that five missiles struck the … Read more