What role is the Mi-28 Gunship playing in the Russia-Ukraine War?

The Mi-28 helicopter has shown very impressive combat capabilities on the Ukrainian battlefield, the Russian pilots flying this helicopter have praised this heavily armed gunship. During the ongoing Special Military Operation in Ukraine, the Mil Mi-28 “Night Hunter” Attack Helicopter and many other russian helicopters has a lot of work to do, from providing fire … Read more

Ukrainian Army is facing a big problem due to the quality of German weapons!

The weapons Germany supplied to Ukraine are being criticized by Kyiv as they are not fully meeting Kyiv’s expectations, mainly related to quality! Ukraine’s military is currently facing a big problem because the weapons supplied by Germany are of low quality. The above comment was made by the American Magazine Military Watch. In the field … Read more

Can asymmetric warfare will change the geography of our world?

In the Russian-Ukrainian military conflict, due to the large gap in strength between the two sides, coupled with the basic loss of air superiority, the Ukrainian army was unable to confront the Russian army head-on but often used guerrilla warfare to avoid the reality and attack the relatively isolated small Russian army. units or military … Read more

Australia Preparing to defend itself from China’s aggression

Australia has decided to increase the size of its military by 30 percent over the next eight years. Currently, the Australian military has 59,000 active-duty personnel and 29,000 in the reserves. A 30 percent increase would mean 77,000 personnel by 2030. Australia has a population of 27 million. The proposed increase would give Australia a … Read more

5 Places Where World War III Could Erupt In 2022“

Entering 2022, the world looks more dangerous than it has at any time since the late 1980s. Real conflicts of interest in Eastern Europe and the East China Sea have set the table for the first serious great-power conflict in decades. Crises in the Middle East, Northeast Asia, and the Himalayas continue to smolder. Here are the five most dangerous … Read more