China began to upgrade the engine of J-20 to catch up with the US F-22 Raptor

China begin upgrading the engines of its most modern stealth fighter, the J-20, this year to match the US F-22 Raptor. The ability to operate the J-20 “Dragon” is still very limited due to the reuse of a temporary replacement engine named WS-10C, the engine model used for old Chinese fighters. But now they are … Read more

Not only Russia and Ukraine, even Belarus also help China to build to Jet engine

China has started equipping Chengdu J-10 jets with indigenous WS-10 engines. The move reflects China’s confidence in its locally developed technology. China has long relied on Russian imports to power its jet aircraft. But Now Thaks to Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus after 40 years of struggle China finally able to make an good jet engine, … Read more

China’s J-20 received a new engine, but not equal to the F119 engines that power the F-22 and F-35.

At the Zhuhai Air Show 2021, the J-20 was spotted with the domestically-made WS-10C engine that showed the world China has solved some of its key problems with building high-performance military jet engines. The WS-10 family of engines was designed to replace jet engines China had to import from Russia plus China’s inability to obtain … Read more

How difficult is it to build an Jet engine? Ask India and China

Jet engines are one of the most challenging and complex machines ever made. Imagine a blade rotating at 35000 rpm in a temperature of 1200 C and also withstanding all kinds of mechanical and aerodynamic stress. Such complexity has resulted in only a few companies having the knowledge of how to do it correctly. Developing … Read more

China so called advanced jet engine failed again, flight tests of the J-20 postponed

Fullerene is a form of pure carbon in which atoms are linked together to form a soccer ball-like crystal lattice. Depending on the number of atoms, fullerenes can be lower (from 24x to 70 atoms) and higher (70 or more atoms). For several years now, there has been a discussion about the advantages of the … Read more