Russia will make hundreds of Zircon & Kinzhal hypersonic missiles to launch into the Ukraine battlefield

Russian hypersonic missiles will alter the tide of war in Ukraine by employing a large number of weapons. The Russian Ministry of Defense has begun mass production of Zircon hypersonic missiles and speed up the production of Kinzhal, their number may reach hundreds in the near future to serve requirements on the Ukrainian battlefield. “The … Read more

Russia is set to launch the most powerful hypersonic cruise missile, capable of flying at Mach 9

Russia’s most mysterious super weapon has been specifically named by the West, and they are feeling quite confused while studying its capabilities. According to recent reports by Newsweek journalist Brendan Cole, the Russian Military is developing a mysterious super-weapon and it has became the subject of heated discussions in the west. In 2018, Russian President … Read more

3 ‘trump card’ weapons to help Russia strengthen its military potential in 2022

In 2018, the Russian military signed agreements worth 300 billion USD with arms manufacturers to purchase modern, high-tech weapons until 2027. According to the agreement, each year. The army will receive new planes, tanks, ships, and submarines. Below is a list of weapons that will enter the Russian army next year. MiG-31K fighter with hypersonic missile First of all, … Read more