Taiwan mistakenly sent US anti-ship missiles to China

The Taiwan authorities mistakenly sent American anti-ship missiles to China.

In the course of attempts by the Taiwanese military to send American anti-ship cruise missiles to Switzerland for the repair of gyroscopes (presumably, we are talking about upgrading missiles – ed.) and maintenance of missiles, the island authorities made a serious mistake and for unknown reasons sent missiles to the territory of the PRC, where the latter, for obvious reasons, were arrested.

We are not talking about new missiles. However, China may well use the electronic systems of these missiles to study the frequencies on which the latter operate, which makes it possible to counter the latter with the help of electronic warfare effectively.

According to preliminary data, the reason for such a severe mistake in Taiwan was the incorrect alignment of the logistics chain.

In particular, for unknown reasons, the cargo of missiles was sent to the territory of Switzerland through the territory of China, where during the check, it turned out that we were talking about arming Taiwan.

Taiwan still needs to make statements to clarify the situation fully.

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