Taking advantage of chaos, Ukraine stole aircraft components from Afghanistan

Russian media has just published information confirming that Ukraine has taken advantage of the chaotic situation in Afghanistan to steal many helicopter components from this country.

Russian media has just published shocking information, according to which a Ukrainian Il-76 transport plane , quietly arrived at Kabul International Airport, and left with a series of helicopter components. of the Afghan army.

taking advantage of the chaotic situation in Afghanistan in recent days, the Ukrainian transport aircraft, was present in this country, and “stole” many of its components. Mi-17 and Mi-35 helicopters.

Previously, the Taliban has captured a lot of helicopters of this type from the Afghan army , but due to inexperience in operation and lack of spare parts, most of these helicopters are inoperable. 

Ukraine’s military itself is in a similar situation, when a series of its helicopters are lying on the ground, because there are not enough spare parts.

Russian media argued that sending planes to Kabul to evacuate citizens of each country was covered by the media, partly so that the people of that country could receive information and be present promptly leave Afghanistan in time.

However, Ukraine’s Il-76 flight was not reported, even many well-informed sources confirmed that no citizens were picked up by Ukraine on this plane.

In addition, well-informed sources also said that on the recent Ukrainian Il-76 flight, there was also a group of mercenaries. This force has operated in Afghanistan before, is familiar with the terrain and is capable of operating modern Western weapons and equipment.

Currently, at least 12 Ukrainian mercenaries are believed to be still in the capital, Kabul. However, the Ukrainian side denied this information, asserting that it had withdrawn military experts and private security contractors from the country.

However, if there is evidence of Ukraine sending aircraft to Kabul to bring back weapons, equipment and spare parts, it will become the biggest “fog” in history that has ever been recorded.

Popular helicopters that Afghanistan once owned, including the Mi-8/17 and Mi-35, are all weapons that Ukraine also has in the army.

In particular, Mi-35 is said to be the most advanced weapon of the previous Afghan army. This is also the most modern armed helicopter in the world today and is the only combat helicopter capable of transporting troops.

However, at present, the Ukrainian army has almost fallen into crisis, when it lacks a lot of operating funds, causing many expensive vehicles such as planes, helicopters, to lie on the ground because no spare parts.

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