Tejas MK2 and AMCA design has been frozen, First flight in 2023

The final design for the medium weight fighter (MWF) Tejas Mk2 and AMCA (Advanced medium combat aircraft) has been frozen and steel cutting of Tejas MK2 is expected to begin soon.

India’s ADA (Aeronautical Developmental Agency) confirms that Tejas MK2 is going to roll out in mid of 2022 and the first flight schedule in 2023. Answering on what is happening on Tejas MK2 front, ADA Program Director said, “Mark 2 design is complete, the long lives part are being fabricated and in HAL now the aircraft is coming into reality, it is on track and we don’t see any problem there. We are also close to many wind tunnel test which are ongoing and some are coming up very shortly,” said by Girish S Deodhare, Programme Director (combat aircraft) and Director, ADA

HAL Tejas mk2
CGI of HAL Tejas mk2

The configuration for the fifth-generation advanced medium combat aircraft (AMCA) has also been frozen and the preliminary design is complete. While Tejas-Mk2 is called the 4.5 generation, AMCA is called the 5th generation fighter jet programme of India.

Tejas MK2

The fighter jet has a tailless compound delta-wing configuration with high manoeuvrability. Fitted with a heavier GE 414 engine, it is expected to join Indian Air Force by 2026. The high-agility supersonic fighter aircraft is made of lightweight materials like aluminium, lithium and titanium alloys, and carbon composites, etc.

The Tejas Mk2 is a 4.5 generation aircraft with enhanced range and endurance. It is 1,350 mm longer featuring canards and can carry a payload of 6,500 kg compared to 3,500 kg the LCA can carry. Reportedly, the aircraft will also be equipped with a multi-sensor data fusion system including an active electronically scanned array radar, infrared search and track, and a missile approach warning system.

AMCA India’s fifth generation fighter aircraft

For the first time, an onboard oxygen generation system is also being integrated into the aircraft. Heavy weapons of the class of Scalp, Crystal Maze and Spice-2000 will also be integrated on the Mk2.

Meanwhile, scientists at the Defence Institute of Advance Technology (DIAT), Khadakwasla are working on designing continuous health monitoring and transmission system for the aircraft. The aircraft will also be fitted with high definition touchscreen measuring 50cmx20cm wide area display allowing data fusion, and intelligent display of information across the entire length.

For its production, the Defence Ministry signed a Rs 48,000 crore deal with HAL in February this year to supply 83 LCA-Mk1A to the Indian Air Force which has one squadron of the LCA in initial operational clearance.

More than 300 industries have taken part in the production of LCA and all of them will continue for Tejas MK2 as they have develop expertise in their work.

As of now, HAL had strictly maintained the ambitious timelines of Tejas MK2 and it will be very interesting to see if MK2 manages to hit production by 2026-27.

TEDBF Indian Navy
TEDBF for Indian Navy

Currently 3 fighter aircraft of India’s i.e Tejas mk2, Advance Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) & Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter (TEDBF) is at their different stages of development for Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. It will now depend upon HAL & ADA that how they will going to meet deadline.

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