The 5 best pistols in the world, ranked.

The ranking is based on a variety of accuracy, dependability, range, penetration, capacity, number of items, number of users, and other functions.

#5 – Pistol TT, USSR

Country of manufacture: USSR

Designed: 1930

Curb weight: 0.94 kg

Length: 195 mm

Barrel length: 116 mm

Muzzle velocity: 420 m / s

Magazine capacity: 8 rounds

This gun is known for its good power and ability to penetrate various obstacles. Due to its small size, you can hide its wearing. It was developed in 1930 and for many years has been actively used in the Soviet army.

It is very easy to use, which is one reason for its popularity. The main negative feature of the pistol is the unreliability of fixing the magazine with cartridges, because of which cases of self-arrows were recorded.

#4 – FN Five-seveN, Belgium

Country of manufacture: Belgium

Designed: 1993-1998

Curb weight: 0.744 kg

Length: 208 mm

Barrel length: 122 mm

Muzzle velocity: from 520 to 650 m / s (depending on cartridges)

Magazine capacity: 10 (limited), 20 (standard), 30 (increased capacity) rounds

This gun is fourth in the ranking of the best pistols in the world. Designed and manufactured in 1998. Successfully used by various units and groups of the NATO military alliance.

Convenient for use in difficult situations, extremely lightweight, and versatile. And, if you use special cartridges, you can increase combat power. This will make it possible to pierce the bulletproof vest.

#3 – Glock 17, Austria

Country of manufacture: Austria

Designed: 1982

Curb weight: 0.905 kg

Length: 186 mm

Barrel length: 114 mm

Muzzle velocity: 350 – 360 m / s

Magazine capacity: 17 (standard), 19, or 30 (increased capacity) rounds

The leading three open Glock 17. Successfully used by the armed forces in several dozen countries. Various modifications allow you to use it for different purposes. Optimum weight and simple construction (assembled from 30 parts) are one of the main advantages. Experts dismantle the gun in less than 60 seconds with a simple nail.

Among the other best guns in the world, the Glock 17 is one of the most reliable. Up to half a million shots can be fired from it. As such, the trigger is missing. 

There is also no flag for the fuse, and this will quickly pull the weapon out of its holster and shoot. Glock 17 does not fit into the classic idea of ​​firearms. 

Structurally, many of its parts are made of strong polymer, which is not afraid of shock and mechanical stress. Many police officers in the USA use it. About 40% of the polled consider Glock 17 the most convenient.

#2 – SIG-Sauer P226, Germany-Switzerland

Country of manufacture: Germany, Switzerland

Designed: 1981

Curb weight: 0.802 or 0.867 (depending on the cartridges used) kg

Length: 196 mm

Barrel length: 112 mm

Magazine capacity: 12, 13, 15, 17, 18, or 20 rounds (depending on the cartridges used)

This weapon has a unique history. A high position in the ranking is deserved because various armies and special services of the world approve of the gun.

 As a result of the collaboration between SIG and Sauer, the Sig-Sauer P226 pistol appeared on the market. The P220 was initially developed in the middle of the twentieth century and served as the foundation for the later P226.

The gunsmiths point out the thoughtfulness of the design and the excellent workmanship of the smallest details. If you need to use a small gun, this model will not work. Photos of the SIG-Sauer P226 may suggest that it is composed of lightweight plastic.

This is far from reality. The gun is quite large and heavy. In the hands of professionals, the relatively large dimensions and good combat power make the weapon indispensable.

Manufacturer SIG-Sauer P226 over the years, has created excellent high-quality weapons. New developments are the main key to the company’s success.

The gun was created in 1981 as a competitive copy for the American army. Perhaps the most important disadvantage of this gun is its high cost, which did not allow it to take first place in the list of the best firearms.

#1 – Beretta 92, Italy

Country of manufacture: Italy

Designed: 1975 year

Curb weight: 0.95 kg

Length: 217 mm

Barrel length: 125 mm

Muzzle velocity: 390 m / s

Magazine capacity: 15 rounds

The Italian manufacturer of firearms, considered the oldest in Europe, has created a unique pistol model in all respects – the Beretta 92. Today it is the best pistol in the world. 

In modern conditions, the Beretta 92 and many modified models are successfully used by many states’ armies and special units.

But, even the leader of the rating has disadvantages – this is a too big handle, as well as considerable weight, in comparison with other pistols of this class.


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