The Armed Forces of Ukraine form three army corps with a total number of 75000 military personnel.

The military equipment allocated by NATO for Ukraine is used to form large strike groups.

The mass deliveries of armored vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine that have begun are the result of the formation on the territory of Ukraine of three army corps, with a total number of 75 thousand people.

 One of the corps will have to operate in the Kherson region, the second – in the Zaporozhye region, and the third – in the Luhansk region. The key task of the strike forces being formed is to attempt a counteroffensive to shift the front line to the east.

Against the background of how it became known that the West began to supply Ukraine with many armored vehicles and other weapons in 2023, it became known that Kyiv began the formation of three army corps. 

All three corps will operate separately and will represent a very significant force (for comparison, according to Ukrainian sources, no more than 10 thousand military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine participated in the attack on the Kherson region – ed.), which, taking into account the appearance of armored vehicles and modern weapons, can create an extremely serious problem.

 It is planned to complete the formation of all three army corps with a total strength of 75 thousand people. According to some reports, there is still an additional reserve of 10-12 thousand military personnel here.

 It is planned by May of this year, which could threaten a very serious offensive from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, especially that a few days ago, the Ukrainian military command openly announced its intention to launch a powerful offensive soon.

It is noteworthy that the formed corps are not planned to be used in the Donetsk direction, which indicates that Ukraine plans to ensure the alignment of the front line.

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