The battle between the Russian Su-75 and the American F-35 ‘will not be like in the movies’.

Although it has just been released, the scenario of the Russian Su-75 Checkmate against the US F-35 Lightning II has been analyzed by military experts and world media.

Recently, on Russian military forums, an opinion has appeared asking seasoned pilots to comment on a potential battle between the promising light fighter Su-75 Chekmate of Russia that has just launched and the aircraft. American F-35.The famous Russian test pilot Anatoly Knyshev has spoken, according to which the F-35, even in the modernized version, will still be inferior to the Su-75 in super maneuverability.

The reason lies in the fact that the American developers sacrificed the above factor in exchange for the overall dynamism of the combat system, and this will give the Russian aircraft an advantage. For example, the F-35 is not capable of turning at an angle of attack of about 50 degrees.

Mr. Knyshev highly appreciated the combat control system of the Su-75. One of the impressive features of the fighter is the ability to simultaneously attack 6 targets and track 30 targets, while the F 35 does not have that ability.”If you compare the power of the radar, the Chekmate is also ahead. This means that our fighters will recognize the invisible enemy before being detected by the enemy.”

Test pilot Anatoly Knyshev explained: “And here the iron rule is activated, that the first person to see is the first to shoot down.”At the same time, Mr. Knyshev stressed that there will be no “cinematic” fighting scenes like in the movie when “Only old men go to war, where planes try to crash into each other’s back hemispheres”.

“The future battle between the Su-75 and the F-35 will take place at medium or long distances. Meanwhile, the aforementioned fighters will only enter the maneuver phase when absolutely necessary,” the expert said. repeat.

Besides, Hero of Russia – Major General pilot Magomed Tolboyev also expressed his opinion: “Of course our fighters will overwhelm American fighters, that’s for sure”!

To prove his point, Mr. Tolboyev used the Korean War as an example. At that time, the press also talked a lot about whether the American F-86 or the Soviet MiG-15 was stronger. And then “Black Tuesday” brought the largest US Air Force casualties in a single day.

“Of course the principles of combat are completely different now,” admitted Mr. Tolboyev: “Modern fighter maneuvers at breakneck speed. Just one moment will decide everything. In particular, the support. Ground support will play an important role.”

Major General – Hero of Russia’s pilot assures that the Su-75 is still capable of causing more surprises in this respect than the enemy, but does not explain the reasons for the above statement.It is known that Major General Tolboyev had the opportunity to sit in the cockpit of the promising fighter, and he was very pleased with the “simple but skillful control”.

The expert believes that the plane sums up all the best from the design ideas of Sukhoi, Yakovlev, Tupolev and Mikoyan. Such a fighter under the control of professional pilots “cannot fail to win”, the hero of Russia believes.

However, many neutral observers believe that there is no guarantee that the theoretical and untested features of the Su-75 will be “magical” as advertised by the manufacturer or Russian pilots, at least not. It is not until it flies test that we can temporarily give a glimpse.

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