The battle of Mariupol is about to end, Ukrainian soldiers all surrendered

The battle at Mariupol is coming to an end, the Russian Army is chasing the remnants; A series of Ukrainian soldiers surrendered to the Russian army.

Recently, the Marine Brigade of the 36th Army Group of the Ukrainian Army, based in Mariupol, wrote on Twitter that they had Now the entire brigade has run out of ammunition and food has been cut off. After 45 days of fighting, all infantrymen were killed and now rely on artillerymen, drivers, guards, military bands, and anti-aircraft gunners to pick up their rifles and fight. The 36th Brigade will launch hand-to-hand combat at the last moment. Finally expressed the hope that Ukrainians will remember the battle of the 36th Marine Corps Brigade in Mariupol.

In desperation, Ukrainian soldiers said, today could be their last fight. It is not difficult to see from this tweet that the soldiers of the Brigade are lamenting that the Ukrainian leadership not only did not provide reinforcements, but also chose to abandon them.

The Deputy Mayor of Mariupol and the leader of the Ukrainian Army denied it; They believe that it was Russian military agents who hacked the official accounts of Brigade soldiers, in order to sway the minds of Ukrainian soldiers.

Recently, the Ukrainian Army has repeatedly sent helicopters and ships to infiltrate Mariupol to carry out evacuation missions. It is reported that the real target of the evacuation of the Ukrainian army is the leaders of the Azov Battalion and NATO military advisers, not Ukrainian Army soldiers

Just a few days ago, the Russian Army claimed to have controlled more than 90% of the Mariupol area. Currently, the Ukrainian Army cannot provide enough supplies for frontline soldiers and they really do not have the force to relieve the city of Mariupol.

The advantage of the Ukrainian Army is fighting in the city or fortified fortifications; if they leave these areas, they will be immediately discovered and destroyed by the Russian army, when the Russian Air Force completely controls the skies.

Analysts also said that, in addition to not having enough forces to rescue, but in reality, the Ukrainian Army also did not dare to leave fortified bases, or areas covered by civilians. The withdrawal of Russian troops from northern Ukraine is an example, Ukrainian troops did not dare to organize a pursuit.

Besides, the Ukrainian Army also often uses fake news about soldiers’ sacrifices to provoke public opinion, but turns a blind eye to the real difficulties that frontline troops face. As recently, Ukraine reported, Ukrainian soldiers stationed on Snake Island were killed, but in fact, they were only captured.

Most recently on April 4, more than 260 soldiers of the 503rd Battalion of the 36th Ukrainian Marine Brigade in Mariupol surrendered. On April 12, more than 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers lined up to surrender.

In the absence of reinforcements, while combat reserves such as weapons, ammunition or food are dwindling, many Ukrainian soldiers in Mariupol will choose to surrender voluntarily in the future.

The soldiers of the Ukrainian Army could surrender, but the militia fighters of the Azov Battalion, currently entrenched in the Azovstal Steel Plant, were not so lucky; to date, there is no news of the surrender of soldiers of the Azov Battalion in Mariupol.

The Chechen leader, Lieutenant General Kadyrov, had previously stated publicly that “he would not accept the surrender of the Azov Battalion soldiers, that they would not enjoy the treatment of prisoners of war, and finally will only be killed”.

Therefore, troops of Azov Battalion are still entrenched in the Azovstal Steel Plant and it is reported that there are still about 1,500 troops retreating to the Azovstal Steel Plant, this will be a “hard bone” for the Russian army.

With far-right ideology and knowing that the future is unlikely to be treated well, the remaining forces of the Azov Battalion know that they have only one way to try to resist; this will further stimulate their will to fight.

Azovstal Steel Plant is relatively solidly built, has underground fortifications, and limits the ability of conventional artillery, so complete victory at Azovstal Steel Plant will be an uphill battle.

Judging by the current progress, the Russian Army can take full control of Mariupol in the coming days and this will be the most significant victory of the Russian Army since this special military operation.

Successfully controlling the city of Mariupol is tantamount to opening the Azov coastal corridor from Donetsk, Mariupol and Crimea, and then controlling the Sea of ​​Azov. At the same time, it can also be affirmed that the Russian army has fulfilled the strategic goal of “de-fascistization”.

However, the victory over Mariupol was only one of the objectives of the special military operation of the Russian Army; it is likely that next, the main force of the Russian Army will be cornered in the decisive battle at Donbas.

But how to destroy nearly 100,000 elite troops of the Ukrainian army in the Donbass area is the top priority of the Russian Army. Only by winning this battle can Russia reach compromises in negotiations on Ukraine’s neutrality and territory

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