The Canadian government has sent hundreds of Senator armored vehicles to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have received over a hundred state-of-the-art Senator armoured personnel carriers from Canadian firm Roshel.

As part of Ottawa’s military aid to Ukraine and with the backing of Eastern European sponsors, armoured personnel carriers were shipped to the country.

“More than 100 vehicles were sent out by the company Roshel. More than 300 are going to Ukraine “, said high-level company representatives.

In 2018, the first of a new line of armoured vehicles called Senators began production, intending to equip law enforcement and border patrol agencies with a reliable and effective tool.

Ukrainian forces heavily relied on these vehicles during the counteroffensive in the east and south of the country. Additionally, a number of armoured vehicles were delivered to the border forces to increase their capacity to maintain border security with Belarus.

The military notes the Senator’s good maneuverability compared to the heavier American and Ukrainian armored vehicles.

The business claims that state-of-the-art thermal and acoustic insulation materials were included in the vehicle’s body design to guarantee passenger comfort.

The vehicle’s climate control system allows you to ride in comfort even in hot climates. There is ballistic protection up to the CEN B7 standard in the Senator’s passenger compartment and engine bay, although the armour can withstand even greater force.

Protection against the simultaneous detonation of two German DM-51 hand grenades or equivalent light anti-personnel mines has been built into the floor.


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