The Chinese and Russian navies will hold the “Joint Sea-2022” joint military exercise

According to the annual military cooperation plan between the Chinese and Russian militaries, the “Maritime Joint-2022” joint military exercise will be held in the waters east of Zhoushan to Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, from the 21st.

The exercise aims to demonstrate the determination and capability of the two sides to respond to maritime security threats jointly, maintain international and regional peace and stability, and further deepen the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination in the new era.

The topic of the joint exercise is “Jointly Maintaining Maritime Security.” The Chinese and Russian navies have set up joint director offices in Beijing and St. Petersburg, respectively, with Vice Admiral Li Yujie, Deputy Commander of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy, and Rear Admiral Korolev, Acting Deputy Commander of the Russian Navy, serving as the directors of the exercise.

The main Chinese forces come from the eastern and northern theater navies, including guided missile destroyers Baotou and Jinan, guided missile frigates Binzhou and Yancheng, integrated supply ship Gaoyouhu, submarines, fixed-wing early warning aircraft, anti-submarine patrol aircraft, and ship-borne helicopters.

The Russian forces participating in the exercise include the guided missile cruiser “Varyag,” the large anti-submarine ship “Admiral Shaposhnikov,” the frigates “Perfect” and “Ardara,” and the supply ship “Pechenga.” ship, etc.

The joint military exercise will take the form of red-blue confrontation and on-the-fly guidance and carry out actual combat and live-ammunition shooting drills, mainly focusing on subjects such as joint sealing and control, spot inspection and arrest, joint air defense, joint rescue, joint anti-submarine, and real-fired deep-fire rockets.

The exercise will further highlight the practical and innovative nature of the joint military exercise, consolidate the experience and achievements of the 10-year maritime joint exercise between the Chinese and Russian navies, and promote the establishment of a joint maritime cruise mechanism.

Senior Colonel Gao Xiucheng, the spokesman for the Navy, said that since 2012, the China-Russia “Maritime Joint” series of exercises have become a stable cooperation platform and exchange for enhancing the level of strategic mutual trust between the two countries and militaries, enhancing traditional friendship, and exercising and improving the capability of joint maritime operations.

“Maritime Joint-2022” is a normal arrangement made according to the annual military cooperation plan.

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