The drone attack on Iran targeted advanced weapons.

The alleged Israeli attack on an advanced weapons production facility in Iran “achieved its objectives,” the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday, citing officials familiar with the matter.

The sources indicated that the attack, perpetrated in the early hours of Sunday, was carried out by the intelligence agency Mossa d through the use of drones.

 It targeted the Ministry of Defense in Isfahan in central Iran, hitting a building in four different areas with precision strikes. Iranian authorities denied claims that satellite photos showed what appeared to be minor damage at the site and claimed that the mission had been a success.

Iranian media reported that the attack on the compound was carried out by three drones, all of which were intercepted.

US and other officials told the Wall Street Journal that the attack was an apparent attempt by Israel to use new means to thwart Iran’s military and nuclear ambitions.

The sources said the targeted site is in front of Iran’s Space Research Center, which the United States sanctions for working on Iran’s ballistic missile program.

It houses the Institute for Materials and Energy, which conducts research that could be used to test the nuclear project, Israeli intelligence analyst Ronen Solomon told the Wall Street Journal.

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