The drone destroyed the most advanced Russian anti-drone missile system

The drone killer was destroyed by a drone.

One of the leading Russian anti-aircraft missile systems “Tor” was destroyed several hours ago on the territory of the NKR. These complexes are called real “drone killers”, since in Syria, according to media reports, it was they who demonstrated high efficiency in the fight against UAVs, however, judging by the frames presented, the complex could not detect two drones at once – the one from which the shooting was carried out and the one that struck.

According to the Azerbaijani military, we are talking about the Tor M2KM air defense system.

“Judging by the video presented, the Tor M2KM air defense missile system practically did not notice the targets for the fight against which it was developed. How and why this happened is unknown, but this is one of the most advanced anti-aircraft missile systems in the world, designed specifically to combat unmanned aerial vehicles , “said a Russian analyst

Among other things, experts draw attention to the important fact that the “Tor M2KM” air defense systems are not officially in service with the Artsakh army, as a result of which the complex in service with Armenia was probably destroyed, but no official statements from the defense department of this country have yet been submitted did not have.

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  1. If you notice, there are several video clips. In the first clip (0:06 to 0.18) the Tor-M2KM turret is facing the rear while the system is active (search radar spinning). In the second clip (0:18 to 0.24) the Tor-M2KM turret is facing the drone indicating that the drone had been detected. In the last clip series of clip (0:24 to end) the Tor-M2KM turret is facing forward and is not active (the search radar is down and the turret has been covered with a tarp of some kind). The Tor-M2KM then drives to a shelter to hide where it is eventually hit by three (3) attacks (the first appears to be a Harop drone, the second appears to be missile from the drone, and the last appears to be a bomb or rocket).

    We really don’t see what happens before and after each clip. Drone operators only release the footage that looks good for them, they don’t show the misses or the SAM’s coming up and hitting them. For all we know the initial drone(s) were shot down and the Tor-M2KM operators felt that sky was safe enough for them to take time to cover the turret up before trying to hide.

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