The effectiveness of Israeli air defense system “Iron Dome” was less than 30%

The Israeli air defense missile system “Iron Dome” intercepted less than 30% of the missiles which was fired palestine.

Despite the fact that the Israeli military positioned the Iron Dome anti-aircraft missile system as a very reliable means of defense against missile strikes, it turned out that out of 200 missiles fired into Israel, less than 60 were intercepted, and although some of the Palestinian missiles fell in the distance from their targets, about 80 missiles struck Israeli cities and towns.

The low effectiveness of the use of Israeli air defense systems is partially associated with active electronic suppression from Syria, in particular, previously unknown electronic warfare systems, presumably belonging to Iran, were seen near Damascus, which clearly made adjustments to ensure the security of the territory of the Israeli state.

Representatives of the Hamas movement previously announced that, in response to Israeli actions, powerful missile strikes would be launched against Israel’s major cities starting at 9 am, allegedly using some new weapons.

It should be noted that Israel’s actions against the Palestinians were condemned all over the world, including the United States, Russia, Turkey, European countries, etc. While India shows full support to Israel 


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