Turkish F-16 has zero chances against Greek Rafale

According to The Aviationist, with the possession of the Rafale fighter, the Greek Air Force is a nasty force for the Turkish Air Force with the F-16 in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Greek Air Force and the Dassault Group of France have officially signed the deal for the 18th  Rafale 4 ++ generation fighter. This was seen as the latest Greek move for Turkey in Eastern Mediterranean airspace.

Under the newly signed agreement worth about 2.3 billion euros, France will provide Greece with 18 Rafales, including 6 new aircraft and 12 used aircraft. Handover commences from July 2021 and will last for two years.

Historically, France has often sided with Greece in the border disputes between this country and Turkey in the Aegean Sea. Tensions between Greece and Turkey were heightened after Ankara dispatched a probe to be escorted by military ships to the Eastern Mediterranean.

Aviationist experts said that, if there was a confrontation between the Greek Rafale and the Turkish main fighter F-16, the chance of victory for US-made aircraft was almost no.

Turkish Air Force F-16
Turkish Air Force F-16

To prove his claims, Aviationist has come up with indicators for comparison. First, the Rafale has a much smaller radar signal than the F-16, as well as better flight features. Thanks to the flanks in front at the side, the Rafale can enter a large angle of attack faster as well as fly faster.

The next strength is the Rafale’s high climbing speed of 305 m / s, showing extremely high acceleration parameters, loading onto the wings of only 275 kg / m2, which creates considerable lift at a large angle of attack and allows Rafale made a quick turn in any direction.

Meanwhile, the high climbing speed of the F-16 is only 250 m / s, which is less than most Russian Su-30 and Su-35 fighters. Along with the distinction the Rafale makes in maneuverability and agility are other cutting edge features of the French fighter.

hellenic air force dassault rafale
hellenic air force dassault rafale

Specifically, capable of simultaneously attacking air defense systems, ground targets and reconnaissance missions. To complete these tasks, the Rafale can carry up to 9.5 tons (F-16 carry 6 tons) of weapons including: air-to-air missiles, air-to-ground, anti-radar, air-to-air ships, cargo bombs. No controls.

However, it is not clear whether France will sell weapons with aircraft to Greece or not. In addition to the extremely powerful weapon system, the Rafale is equipped with the most modern avionics systems in the world today.

The manufacturer claims the Spectra electronic warfare system will help Rafale operate safely under enemy anti-aircraft fire. With a rather superior aerodynamic design and the help of a nose, the Rafale can make sudden turns in tight spaces.

With its versatility, strong electronic antagonism, and an arsenal of weapons of destruction, it is clear that the multi-purpose fighter Rafale is indeed a fearsome opponent for any fighter when confronted with it, even if it is. Turkey’s F-16.

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