The index finger proves that the Taliban are extremely well-trained

Just a very small detail, which also makes many people agree that the Taliban soldiers have been trained extremely well.

The image captured from the capital Kabul, show that Taliban soldiers are very well trained. A very small detail, that of the soldier’s thumb always placed outside the trigger, proves this.

Putting the thumb out of the trigger is a basic safety standard for many military forces today. Although many regular forces around the world have not yet popularized this way of holding guns, it is a sign that the Taliban have extremely well trained terrorist, according to modern curriculum.

Taliban inside President office
Taliban inside President office

lacing the index finger outside the trigger, will ensure safety in many cases, especially when the soldier is startled, or over stressed. Military experts assessed that this detail, though very small, proves that the ability of the Taliban to train soldiers is not to be underestimated.

Despite the fact that the uniforms, equipment and behavior of the Taliban fighters are quite “mixed” and out of sync, their fighting ability is certainly not as trivial as what the Americans mistakenly believe.

On the streets of Kabul right now, Taliban soldiers can be seen swarming, they appear in all kinds of costumes, carrying many different types of modern weapons from M4 SOPMOD to Scar and modified Ak series.

Taliban terrorist with M4
Taliban terrorist with M4

However, little information about looting or killing innocent people has appeared, it seems that the arrival of the Taliban has not affected the lives of the people of Kabul too much. Before that, there had never been any formal transfer of power between the former US-led government of Afghanistan and the Taliban.

The former government of Afghanistan, simply fled, while the Taliban, naturally taking over all key areas of the capital Kabul, without too much resistance.

Political analysts said that the Taliban certainly received help from abroad (Like China, Pakistan, etc.) and in the coming time, the Taliban’s activities with the world will gradually reveal the “sponsors” of this force.

Taliban terrorists
Taliban terrorists

For the past two decades, the United States has tried to pacify Afghanistan and wipe out the Taliban, but without success. The decline of the Taliban, which is considered an exaggeration by the United States, has been around for many years.

As soon as information about the US withdrawal from Afghanistan appeared, the Taliban suddenly returned, with a large and well-trained force, surprising many people.

And even more surprising, it was the former Afghan army, which the US poured hundreds of billions of dollars into training and equip, quickly disbanded, just a few days after the US and NATO withdrew their troops from the country. this.

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