The Indian Air Force strives with the goal of becoming a great power

In addition to purchasing a variety of high-tech weapons, in recent years, the Indian Air Force has also thinking to put combat tests practice.

Stemming from the reality of recent high-tech local wars, as well as changes in the security environment at home and abroad, the Indian Air Force sets forth the requirement “to win wars and limit under the conditions of nuclear deterrence”.

The first is to take the initiative, right from the first minutes to strike first, when participating in combat, must immediately prevail in the right to take the initiative to fight, putting the opponent at a disadvantage.

Once detecting the enemy’s intention to attack, immediately take the initiative to strike first by organizing strategic maneuvering forces and quick reaction forces with overwhelming superiority to carry out an ambush in the battle direction. the main campaign – still in the direction of the secondary campaign, performing mobile operations on deep and shallow attacks.

Use fighter bombers (Su-30MKI) to carry out long-range airstrikes to destroy the enemy’s front-line airfields and transport routes – prevent the enemy from maneuvering strategic reserves, isolating the 1st team of the campaign them.

Next, with the successful implementation of combined operations, India’s Army – Air Force joint drills took place continuously. This is considered the most important point, held regularly by the Indian Air Force, taking place every years.

The integrated combat motto of the Indian Air Force used in the drills is ” Coordinate by area, support the nearest place”, that is, the air unit closest to the ground units will do the same. support for these units. Thus, the air force will have more time in the air, convenient for command and combat coordination.

In addition, the Indian Air Force also continuously conducts other combined combat exercises, fully combining the Navy – Land – Air Force. Thoroughly trained combined combat skills and coordinated actions between the armed forces, on that basis, gradually perfected

Next, special emphasis is placed on large-scale long-range mobile combat. The Indian Air Force believes that widespread use of advanced military techniques has made this possible, and is an effective way to deal with sudden wars.

With this method, it is possible to control the war process and will proactively bring the battlefield to the enemy’s defense center at a depth of several thousand kilometers.

From this awareness, the Indian Air Force’s exercises attach special importance to training and testing of maneuverability and long-range strike capabilities. In an exercise, the Indian Air Force deployed the most advanced fighter aircraft to participate in testing to create overwhelming superiority in quantity and quality of air force.

In which, the squadrons of maneuverable aircraft traveled up to 1,600 km to the place of the rehearsal. Jaguar fighter bombers took off from Ponah base, flew to the Andaman Islands, refueled at Kalaikunda airbase in the East, maneuvering distances up to 3,000km.

In a joint US-India air landing exercise, the Indian Air Force’s IL-76 aircraft also crossed thousands of kilometers to Alaska, USA.

Finally, maximize the information warfare capabilities of the National Air Force. The Indian Air Force is accelerating the development of information warfare equipment, building up the country’s information technology force.

In India’s combined air defense drills, there are constantly hypothetical situations where the enemy jams information in a large radius. In addition, in another development of the exercise, India sent out simultaneously many electronic warfare aircraft equipped with advanced jamming systems to accompany Mirage-2000 and Jaguar fighters.

These aircraft perform high-intensity, long-term jamming in the airspace 80-100km away from the target, disabling reconnaissance systems, early warning systems, anti-aircraft missile systems, and pointing systems. command the enemy’s control, then forcefully attack the intended targets.

It can be said that India is very focused on developing the combat capabilities of the National Air Force. Thereby, it can be seen that confronting India, especially in air combat, in the future will be relatively difficult for countries with this intention.

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