The key condition for the purchase of Su-57 fighters by India is named

India intends to buy Russian Su-57s if a key condition is met.

India intends to purchase a large consignment of Russian fifth-generation Su-57 fighters, provided that the latter can become carriers of the Indian BrahMos supersonic missile, and in the future, the Brahmos 2 hypersonic missile. In connection with these circumstances, the Russian military is ready to implement such a condition, and, as the sources note, an analysis is already being made of the possibility of using these Indian ammunition by the Su-57 fighter.

India is extremely interested in using its supersonic and hypersonic missiles as part of modern combat aircraft, and therefore, if the capabilities of the Su-57 fighter allow the use of this kind of ammunition, India will not only acquire a batch of fifth generation combat aircraft, but will also resume development without the slightest hesitation. a joint Russian-Indian fifth-generation fighter based on the Su-57.

It is noteworthy that there are suggestions that the tests of the Russian Su-57 fighter with the Brahmos 2 hypersonic missile could already have been carried out several years ago, in particular, in the United States they drew attention to a small fragment of the video on which the Su-57 fighter releases a missile, the dimensions and shape of which are very similar to the BrahMos 2 hypersonic missile.

It should be noted that the Russian Su-57 fighter is capable of developing supersonic speed, which is enough to launch a hypersonic missile.

Earlier, India announced its readiness to resume negotiations with Russia on the purchase of Su-57 fighters, noting that the construction of an export version of the fighter would be a prerequisite.

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