The new Russian aircraft carrier will carry the Su-57 and Okhotnik

The Russian aircraft carrier Varan is likely to be equipped with the Su-57 stealth fighter and the S-70 Okhotnik attack drone.

The latest development product of JSC “Nevsky Design Bureau” in the form of the universal marine complex “Varan”, is actually a midsize aircraft carrier, can be equipped with the stealth fighter Su-57 Naval version and the S-70 Okhotnik unmanned attack aircraft.

According to the Avia-pro news agency, the development of the Varan aircraft carrier took into account the use of fifth-generation Su-57 fighters on its deck. Specifically, we are talking about a naval version of this fighter aircraft.

Based on the expected progress, the aircraft carrier variant of the Su-57 could appear as early as 2025. As for the Okhotnik heavy drone, there has been no announcement of session its naval version.

However, with the S-70 Okhotnik still seen as a “companion” to the Su-57 Felon, it is clear that the idea of ​​bringing it to the future Russian Navy aircraft carrier is not surprising.

Experts say that equipping Varan with fifth generation fighters and Okhotnik attack drones will greatly increase the frightening extent of the ship, especially considering the fact that the weapon Okhotnik UAVs and Su-57 fighter jets can be used to strike land and sea targets.

Construction progress of the Varan aircraft carrier will most likely depend on the deadline to complete the attack landing craft carrying the Ivan Rogov and Mitrofan Moskalenko helicopters, if they are ready for duty in a period of less than 10 years. New Varan projects can be considered.It is not known exactly when the Russian Defense Ministry project will officially embark on the “Varan” project, but analysts have turned their attention to the fact that we are talking about a class of marine equipment. Brand new army.

Not only that, but the Varan of Nevsky will also have to compete with two other competitors from the Krylov Design Bureau: the 40,000-ton medium-sized aircraft carrier and amphibious ship, or the nuclear super-aircraft carrier Manatee 100. thousand tons.


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