The only plane in the world that can deal with F-22

According to the US newspaper, the one of the highly appreciated Russian aircraft is the MiG-1.44. The MiG 1.44 aircraft is believed to have many technologies to minimize radio signals, making the aircraft invisible to enemy radars.

Specifically, the Russian Air Force has chosen the T-50 (Su-57) fighter for its only 5th generation stealth fighter program in the competition with Mikoyan’s MiG-1.44 fighter. In 2000, the MiG 1.44 was tested twice, and the project was later shelved without any clear reasons. According to some Russian military sources, the main reason why the MiG-1.44 program was frozen was that Moscow had its choice of fifth-generation stealth fighter.

Su-57 of Russia

In addition to the above reason, according to Russian media, the reason Moscow was cold with the MiG-1.44 was because at that time the limited budget did not allow Russia to simultaneously carry out two stealth aircraft programs. But what is the real reason why the MiG-1.44 has to be stored, only the Russian military itself knows.

However, after nearly 20 years of falling into oblivion, the aircraft maker Mikoyan has suddenly announced a revival of a project to build a fifth generation fighter based on the prototype of the MiG-1.44.

This information was led by TASS to represent the Russian Aerospace Manufacturing Group, said that the Mikoyan aircraft manufacturer is working to develop a fifth generation fighter based on the MiG-1.44 prototype. “This is a future version of light fighter for tactical air”, the representative of the corporation at Russian aviation announced.

MiG 1.44 prototype
MiG 1.44 prototype

Accordingly, the fifth generation fighter developed by the aircraft manufacturer Mikoyan is not based on the prototype of the fifth generation T-50 aircraft built by Sukhoi, but it’s highly motivated from the MiG-1.44 prototype. According to many military experts, this is clearly a risky decision by Mikoyan manufacturer because this decision is made when the company has not received any orders.

MiG-1.44 fighter is equipped with 2 AL-41F engines. It was the first engine in the world to feature thrust vector control. Thanks to this advanced engine, the MiG-1.44 is super maneuverable, performing many maneuvers that are extremely difficult that other aircraft cannot.

The electronic system on MiG-1.44 makes the US and the West also respect. The MiG-1.44 is equipped with a Doppler pulse radar with a passive scanning electronically scanned array antenna. The radar system is connected to a fire control system that allows the aircraft to engage with 20 separate targets at the same time.

According to US military experts, the MiG-1.44 is capable of attacking equivalent to the US super fighter F-22 Raptor. The main weapon of the MiG-1.44 can carry eight modern R-77 missiles.

In addition, some reports suggest that the MiG-1.44 is a Russian plasma stealth experimental aircraft that allows the aircraft to be stealthy without affecting its appearance.

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