The original “Putin infantry” spoke: After Ukraine, Poland also has to be de-Nazified 

On February 7, the Russian Satellite News Agency reported that the Chechen “military expert” Kadyrov, who has always been nicknamed “Putin’s infantry,” once again expressed his views on special operations- this time, he pointed the finger at Poland, and pointed out that Poland also had to consider such actions as Ukraine is also “de-Nazified.”

(Kadyrov in front of Putin)

According to reports, Kadyrov published this “topic” on his channel. He believes that Poland has exhausted its military capabilities for Ukraine. Warsaw is now very afraid because Poland is on the side of Ukraine. After the completion of the Ukraine operation, Poland may become the next country to be “de-Nazified” and “de-militarized.”

Kadyrov emphasized that he did not hide his intentions because he felt that “the struggle should be carried out all over Europe”-and in order to “wake up” Poland, the first place to act should be Poland.

The reason why Kadyrov specifically named Poland is obvious. First of all, Poland is trying its best to confront Russia on the Ukrainian issue. Although Ukraine still separates Poland and Russia, Poland has played the role of NATO’s agent on the Ukrainian battlefield. NATO weapons are mainly “transferred” through Poland. 

Ukraine and Poland also provided a lot of support for Ukraine. Russia even found a large number of Polish mercenaries on the battlefield. It is not ruled out that many of them are NATO soldiers who directly participated in the war in the name of mercenaries. Therefore, in the eyes of Russia, Poland is already an “enemy” -a “military expert” like Kadyrov will naturally not let Poland go.

Secondly, some of Poland’s recent statements are arrogantFor example, Poland has united with the three Baltic countries and other forces to pressure the International Olympic Committee to “boycott” Russian and Belarus athletes from participating in the 2024 Olympic Games. This is obviously a politicization of sports and an attempt to isolate Russia further.

Poland Russian Border

 Moreover, Poland has also set up an electronic barrier near the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, which looks like “the old and the dead will not communicate with each other.” In addition, the high-level Polish military has publicly admitted that the country has “trained thousands of Ukrainian soldiers.”

Poland has historically expanded its territory into Ukraine, so Poland still has a “Ukrainian complex.” Moreover, Poland has been wiped out many times in history. Its historical resentment is also relatively heavy-plus the history of various grievances with Russia, so the current relationship between the two parties can be said to be “similar to fire and water.”

Poland is buying South Korean equipment on a large scale.

Of course, Kadyrov’s above remarks may still mean a “public opinion war.” Because as the situation changes, Western military aid has shown a “small step and fast run” approach, and the strength of the Ukrainian army is constantly increasing. Under such circumstances, Russia must consider warning the West, especially the European Union, with a tougher attitude that if it continues to provide military assistance to Ukraine, it may escalate into an all-out war in Europe. Putin would not say such things easily, but Medvedev has already issued a three-war warning, and Kadyrov is even more indifferent. He is just expressing his opinion.


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