The power of the TAR-21 assault rifle in the hands of Israeli soldiers

The Israeli special forces with the TAR-21 assault rifle in hand have demonstrated their fearsome combat ability, surprising the opponent. Modern design, fast and accurate shooting ability, durable operation, the TAR-21 assault rifle is considered one of the best rifle lines today.

Since the founding of the country, the TAR-21 assault rifle is the third generation of standard personal weapons developed by this country. Before that they successfully developed Uzi, then Galil.

IDF infantry with CTAR-21, GTAR-21
IDF infantry with CTAR-21, GTAR-21

However, after that, the US did not provide Israel with a very large number of M16 assault rifles, so for a long time the M16 and M4 rifles besides the Galil gun – which had limited equipment – were the only infantry guns of IDF.

Realizing that the M16 and even the M4 rifles still did not meet their requirements, Israel developed a new generation of infantry guns.
The TAR-21 assault rifle was designed in the 1990s, the gun was officially launched in 1998. This weapon was tested by the Israel Defense Forces in the period 1999 – 2002 to evaluate its effectiveness.

Israel special force with 7.62mm Tavor-7
Israel special force with 7.62mm Tavor-7

With a country constantly at odds with neighboring countries, the TAR-21s proved effective in real combat, immediately entering service in 2006.

TAR-21 has also been exported to more than 20 countries, including India, Georgia, Guatemala,  Portugal, Thailand and Vietnam. The special thing is that in addition to domestic production, they are also licensed to produce in Brazil, India, and Ukraine.

The TAR-21 stands for Tavor Assault Rifle – 21 St Century, is an assault rifle with a bullpup design – a rearward magazine design that allows to reduce the overall length while keeping the gun barrel.

IDF female operators with CTAR-21 and Tar-21
IDF female operators with CTAR-21 and Tar-21

This defense product was awarded the title of the best rifle of the year 2014 by the magazine of the National Rifle Association of America.

TAR-21 with many versions is becoming a very popular gun in the equipment of elite units around the world including Indian special forces

The TAR-21 is fitted with a modern Turkish collapsible grenade launcher T40. The T-40 grenade launcher equipped with the TAR-21 was developed in the early 1990s to equip the G3 assault rifle in wide service with the Turkish army. The design of the T-40 is based on two types of American M203 and German HK79.

Engineers took the M203 barrel and mounted it on the HK79’s mount, which, combined with a revised firing mechanism, makes it one of the leading grenade launchers today. The UBGL weighs only 1.75kg, is 395mm long, and the barrel is 305mm long. While The weight of the TAR-21 gun is only 3.27kg, length 720mm, barrel length 460mm.

The gun uses NATO standard 5.56x45mm ammunition, firing rate 750-900 rounds/minute, muzzle velocity reaches 910m/s, range 550m.
The gun uses a 30-round magazine and is compatible with NATO standard cartridges.

The gun features Picatinny rails for attaching combat accessories when needed. This gun does not use a flypoint sights but uses a red dot sight. This is a modern point compared to most of the current assault rifles in the world.

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Modern design, fast and accurate firing ability, durable operation, the TAR-21 assault rifle combined with the combativeness of Israeli soldiers creates fear for all opponents.

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