The power of the US super-fast amphibious ship has just appeared in the Black Sea

The US continues to move up the tendon by sending the Spearhead-class super-fast tuner to the Black Sea to join military exercises with NATO allies as tensions with Russia continue to escalate.

The US Spearhead-class amphibious assault ship Yuma has begun its route north and entered the Black Sea to coordinate with NATO allies. The Yuma will take part in the Sea Breeze exercise with troops from 32 different countries, including Ukraine, Great Britain, France, Poland, Georgia, Senegal, South Korea, Pakistan, Japan, Morocco and Russia. some other countries.

The Russian side believes that this exercise poses a real risk of military escalation. Last month, Russian diplomats called on the United States to stop participating in the exercises, saying that “the scale and aggressive nature of the Sea Breeze exercises do not help in dealing with real challenges.” to ensure security in the Black Sea region”.

Moscow also said that NATO exercises would “increase the risk of unintentional incidents”.

Exercise Sea Breeze will end on July 10. This was an annual event in previous years, but this year, this exercise takes place in the context of increasing tensions between NATO and Russia.

The Spearhead is a class of multi-purpose amphibious assault ships of the two-hull type, used by the US Army and Navy to transport troops, cargo, military equipment (including M1A2 Abrams tanks), and support operations. special operations, ensuring safety at sea and humanitarian rescue operations in shallow waters.

Unlike conventional warships, the Spearhead-class amphibious structure is designed in a two-hull design to significantly increase speed. The train is equipped with 4 MTU Diesel engines that allow them to run at a speed of 80km/h.

The outstanding feature of the Spearhead-class amphibious ship is that the number of sailors is only 41 people thanks to the application of new electronic techniques in operating the ship. There is also a helicopter landing deck on the ship, so that the ship can deploy the MH-60 Seahawk anti-submarine helicopter. With the ability to transport 600 tons of cargo or 312 soldiers with full equipment, the ship is a very dangerous high-speed amphibious vehicle of the US Navy.

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