The risk of nuclear war is real?

Nuclear war is a genuine possibility! Early warning signs began to appear in Russia, but Putin’s nuclear button remained in his body? NATO must become more active. No one should consider it if the Russian army is defeated!

EXPLAINER: Does Putin's Alert Change Risk Of Nuclear War?
Is Putin’s Warning Increasing the Risk of Nuclear War?

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger famously warned the world that “nobody will be better off if the United States falls.” There is some truth to this if you think about it thoroughly. Take, for example, dollar hegemony. The international financial system will undoubtedly incur severe losses if the dollar trading system collapses. Some countries that are strongly reliant on dollar settlements may face immediate collapse.

However, the expression currently appears to be more acceptable in Russia. As we all know, the current European war situation remains tight, and NATO continues to provoke Putin’s military stick with reckless abandon, with a tendency to escalate. When Russia’s conventional military means lose its deterrent power, the country is likely to resort to more military deterrence, such as using nuclear weapons.

Some individuals believe that nuclear conflict is a long way off. In truth, such an idea is unrealistic. Despite the enormous destructive capacity of nuclear weapons, several governments have decided that “existence is justifiable.” Why do the US and Russia go to such lengths to expand their nuclear arsenals if nuclear weapons are useless? More crucially, Russia is reaching its breaking point, and the Western wolf onslaught is gaining ground. The nuclear war button could be pressed at any time if the Western provocation goes too far.

Russia, Ukraine And The Risk of Nuclear War | FiveThirtyEight
Russia, Ukraine, And The Risk Of Nuclear War

A detail encircling Putin drew a lot of attention from the outside world at the Red Square military parade on the 77th anniversary of Victory Day. Putin is said to be carrying a black suitcase containing a nuclear button. What does this demonstrate? Simply put, Russia is always prepared to launch the most devastating nuclear strategic response.

After seeing this scene, NATO can no longer comfort itself, Russia dare not fight a nuclear war. For Russia, this battle cannot be lost, and they have only one way, and that is to achieve the ultimate victory. We know very well that the current US and European offensives show that they are trying to force Russia to a dead end. Once Russia is defeated, the U.S. and Europe will not stop squeezing, but will only get harder and harder until Russia is overwhelmed.

It is exactly because of this that some in Russia believe that after the war is won, Russia will vanish. Before declaring, “Russia is gone, what’s the point of the world?” contact Putin. This also has a very clear connotation. Russia will be buried with NATO and possibly the entire planet if it is defeated.

This is why “the entire world will not be better off after the Russian army meets defeat.” As a result, once NATO receives this signal, its subordinates must cease their aggressive actions, or the final victory will be a complete loss. German Chancellor Scholz called on Russia and Ukraine to strike a peace accord as quickly as possible the day after Putin issued a nuclear deterrent. European politicians took the lead in defecting before Putin’s nuclear stick. After that, it’s life or death, and NATO must carefully assess the options.

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