The strongest navy in South East Asia walks in the footsteps of Ukraine

Chinese media said that the strongest navy in Southeast Asia at present is leaning towards the US and seems to soon “go in the footsteps of Ukraine”.

Military experts in Chinese media said that the East Sea and Asia -Pacific region will soon be the focus of US attention, especially after this country completely withdraws its troops from the Afghanistan region.

One reason is the very simple, sea route of the Pacific Ocean – along with the Indian Ocean, currently the passageway for 80% of the world’s oil, and will soon cause the US to intervene, to protect their national interests. One of the ways that the US can use to increase its influence, oil route is a very important part of Southeast Asia and the South China Sea to attract countries in the region, and alliance.

Chinese media said that the strongest navy in Southeast Asia is currently Indonesia, which seems to be showing signs of pivoting towards the US, very quickly and urgently. Most recently, Indonesia has decided to cancel the contract to buy Russian Su-35 fighter jets, despite the fact that the contract was going to the final stage and is about to be handed over

The cancellation of the contract will cause Indonesia to pay Russia a large amount of money. However, observers say that, despite having to pay Russia a large amount of money, Indonesia will gain a lot of new advantages in its relationship with the US.

The Indonesian Navy currently has about 200 different large and small warships and is one of the largest navies in the region as well as in the world. However, “leaning to the US”, there will be many potential risks – Chinese media said.

An example of that label is Ukraine. This country was once a close ally of Russia and very developed. However, the leaning towards the West and the US in the past decade or so has turned Ukraine from a wealthy country into a state of constant civil war.

With the US, adding Indonesia as an ally will help the US navy have an additional “springboard” in Southeast Asia, to easily cope with complicated developments in the East Sea and the Indian Ocean. whenever needed.

Currently, major US naval bases are mainly concentrated in Japan and South Korea, which makes it difficult to deploy troops throughout Southeast Asia, especially in terms of time. time

In the future, it is likely that Indonesia will be equipped with more American weapons, to increase the bond between the two countries. However, it is not certain whether the military relationship between the two countries will fall into the “past” as is the case with Ukraine.

Currently, Indonesia is considered as the country with the strongest military potential in Southeast AsiaNot only has a large and modern warship force, but Indonesia also has the ability to autonomously build warships that are superior to other countries in the region.

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