The Su-57 outperformed the J-20, India may buy Su-57

The Su-57 outperformed the J-20 even though it only had a phase one engine, Indian military experts are decided to discuss with Russia on Su-57 to fight China J-20.

India once again decided to discuss the situation should be in the absence of a clear plan to acquire a fifth-generation fighter in the coming years.

The shortest time the Indian Air Force can receive a fifth-generation fighter is 12 years. New Delhi will develop and introduce its own fighter jet as part of the hypothetical AMCA project during this very phase.

However, as noted by Indian experts, 12 years is not the actual time. They predict that the AMCA will only begin enlistment no sooner than 2035.

Critics of Indian military officials for this approach to air force reform say that such timing is unacceptable:

“15 years of waiting for a fifth-generation fighter in a time when the PLAAF already has dozens of such aircraft is an unacceptable option.”

fifth generation fighter india

It should be recalled that India had previously withdrawn from Russia’s agreement on the development of FGFA fighter jets. Russia continued to work on the project alone and eventually created the new generation Su-57 fighter. Against this backdrop, an article by journalist Mansij Astkhany was published, the expert tried to compare the characteristics of the Russian Su-57 with the Chinese J-20.

Mr Mansij Astkhan said: ” The only customer of the Su-57 today is the Russian Ministry of Defense. They have ordered 76 of these until 2028″.

The aforementioned Su-57 still suffers from problems, but what makes it stand out is its incredible maneuverability, as well as the ability to carry hypersonic missile weapons.

According to the military expert, China’s fifth-generation fighter has the advantage of stealth, but maneuverability is still problematic.

But in India, its note that the Chinese J-20 also has a stealth defect. The Indian Air Force has detected the J-20 at least twice using the fourth-generation Su-30MKI fighter radar.

“The Su-57 has an advantage over China’s J-20, even if it is equipped with an early stage engine. But now Russia is preparing to equip the fighter with a powerful engine. than”.

In the face of this situation, there are experts in India who have openly told the authorities that they have clearly made a mistake in withdrawing from the FGFA program with Russia.

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