The top-secret US helicopter used to kill Bin Laden appeared publicly in Kabul

In the campaign to evacuate people from the Afghan capital Kabul, the US had to mobilize the stealth version of the UH-60 helicopter, which is the helicopter used in the campaign to eradicate the terrorist leader Bin Laden.

Over the past few days, images of US helicopters landing on the roofs of high rise buildings in the Afghan capital Kabul to evacuate people before the Taliban forces entered have appeared continuously in the international press.

However, the surprise came when a strange helicopter was discovered, it looks quite similar to the UH-60 Black Hawk but has many angles to reduce radar reflection area and carries a specially designed rotor.

According to many military experts, this is the stealth version of the UH-60 multi-purpose transport helicopter – the vehicle used by the US special forces in the raid to kill terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden on Pakistani soil in 2011.

Thus, this is the first time the legendary helicopter has appeared publicly in front of everyone’s eyes, it is unknown why the US has let its top-secret helicopter appear in front of the international media.

For the special version of the aforementioned UH-60, according to the designers, for the aircraft to become invisible, in addition to scattering radar waves, it must also have low infrared exposure and minimize noise, even not using ordinary radio communication equipment.

The most important thing is still to prevent the aircraft from appearing on the radar screen, then it must be designed so that the aircraft has many scattering surfaces that prevent radio waves from echoing, in addition, the paint must also absorb some of it.

After radar, a common secondary goal is to try to minimize the infrared signal emitted by the aircraft, the focus will be on reducing the heat from the engine exhaust, making the infrared cameras invisible.

As for noise, helicopters with moving main rotors and smaller tail rotors rotating in the other direction pose a bigger challenge if they want to be invisible, which is what makes it difficult for helicopters to be “invisible” more than jet.

However, the Americans with their outstanding scientific and technological potential have created a true stealth helicopter, which easily bypasses all reconnaissance vehicles on the route from Jalalabad, Afghanistan to Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Even when the helicopters approached the target, people around Bin Laden’s compound did not hear the noise from the propellers and engines, showing that the aircraft was designed perfectly.

The only pity for the US special forces group is that a helicopter has crashed, causing soldiers to plant mines to destroy it, the remaining tail of the aircraft makes the world somewhat aware of a top-secret vehicle.

According to experts, after observing the tail rotor, they found that a few modifications from the standard Black Hawk are very obvious. However, it seems to have more tail rotors than the conventional 4-blade UH-60.

One or more blades will allow that propeller to rotate more slowly but still get the performance the helicopter needs, if you reduce the speed of the propeller it means the plane will be quieter.

Yet there are the intricate components of the tail rotor gearbox, the odd little rivets there where the Black Hawk’s rear wheels are all areas where radar waves can be intercepted and reflected are clearly explained.

But with the public appearance of the aforementioned top-secret helicopter in the sky over Kabul, many remaining unknowns may be answered in the near future.

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