The tug-of-war between Russia and Ukraine on the Kherson front

The Russian army has finally revealed the full strength of its military power, with comprehensive firepower and extremely scientific and flexible combat.

Russian news agency Sputnik quoted Russian Army spokesman Lieutenant General Konashenkov statement.

“Currently, the Russian Army has stopped the Ukrainian Army’s attack on Kherson in the Nikolayev-Kriverich direction and other directions”

Konashenkov said that the Russian Army eliminated more than 1,200 Ukrainian soldiers in just one day and night, capturing five Ukrainian soldiers alive. In addition, the Russian Army destroyed 48 tanks, 46 infantry fighting vehicles, 37 armored vehicles and 8 pickup trucks equipped with heavy machine guns of Ukraine.

At the same time, the only armed helicopter regiment of the Russian Air Force in Crimea was directly deployed to provide ground fire support to the Kherson battlefield . Mi-28 and Ka-52 attack helicopters attacked Ukrainian Army positions, causing much damage to the Ukrainian side.

In this counter-offensive operation , Russian Troops utilized full power of their artillery guns. With massive firepower on the battlefield russian artillery directly repelled an infantry company of the Ukrainian Army.

The Russian army said that after the battle, the barrel of the Russian artillery guns was burned red due to overshooting, causing the paint surface to peel off.

Assessing the situation on the Kherson battlefield, due to strong artillery fire and air superiority, the Russian Army has an advantage. But now, the Ukrainian army is continuing to transport heavy weapons to the front line via the pontoon bridge, and at the same time, focus on two offensive armor near Lozove and Suzystavok, making the Russian Army take precautions now.

The starting position of the Ukrainian Army’s attack is the village of Sushistavok, the terrain here is plain, there are no obstacles, this is very unfavorable for the upcoming attack of the Ukrainian Army. Currently, the Ukrainian Army is expanding the bridgeheads and deploying heavy weapons on the front.

According to the latest battlefield information, which has just been updated by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Ukrainian army has captured 4 villages. In fact, on the current Russian-Ukrainian battlefield, both the Russian Army and the Ukrainian Army have fallen into a tug-of-war situation.

However, the Russian and Ukrainian attacks will not last long. On the one hand, the Ukrainian Army lacks superiority in air and firepower; This amount of massive firepower cannot be fought for a long time with an opponent like Russia. Besides, with the ability to attack like the past, it is difficult for the Ukrainian Army to create a battlefield mutation in a short time.

The difficulty of the Russian Army is that they do not have enough infantry soldiers, so they cannot fill the battlefield. In this way, when launching an attack, Russian tanks will lack flank protection and lack of troops to hold positions.

If the Russian Army wants to maintain a strong and continuous offensive campaign, it must replenish the battlefield with tens of thousands of new recruits every month to conduct troop rotation. But this is a difficult problem that Russia cannot overcome, when they seriously lack human resources.

Summarizing the above, it is not difficult to see that the “autumn operation” of the Russian and Ukrainian armies is essentially a short-term operation; After several days of fighting, both sides had to rest for a month to replenish their forces.

Currently, Ukraine has mobilized the 128th Mountain Brigade on the Donbass front to the Kherson front; This shows that Ukraine attaches great importance to this attack. However, the 128th Brigade’s troops were proficient in mountainous terrain, but when fighting in the flat steppe, they suffered too much damage.

The main objective of the autumn operation of the Ukrainian Army is to cut off the supply lines of the Russian Army, in particular, to conduct a continuous blockade with the Russian Army in the city of Kherson. A wave of attacks would exacerbate attrition and add a logistical pressure on the Russian Army.

The Washington Post reported: The Pentagon said it would ship weapons to Ukraine by sea. After the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the US mainly transported weapons to Ukraine by air; The advantage is fast speed, but the disadvantage is small transport volume, difficulty to transport heavy equipments.

Apparently, the Americans also strongly support the leader of the Ukrainian Army opening the Kherson front and want to continue to drain the Russian Army on the southern front. The US can also assist with sea transportation on the southern route, and American high-altitude reconnaissance aircrafts and UAVs, which are also convenient for reconnaissance and surveillance.

Meanwhile, the Russian Army on the southern line is at a disadvantage in terms of logistics and can only rely on an outdated railway line. Therefore, Ukraine also made no secret of its intention to drag the Russian Army into a war of attrition; But whether Ukraine can withstand a long conflict, especially when Kiev has to rely so much on foreign aid.

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