The two most powerful countries in Northeast Asia: Japan is waiting for its time!

As the world’s two leading economies are located in Northeast Asia, but China and Japan are fierce competitors in all aspects from the past to the present.

According to the assessment data of the Military Observer site, which compares the military strength of countries around the world, currently, China’s military power ranks third in the world after the US and Russia, in the group of countries that The country has military strength level 1. Meanwhile, Japan ranks 7th and ranks in the group of level 2.

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For a more detailed look, let’s dive into the assessment of each of the two countries’ forces. The first is the army forces of the two countries, China has a military staff of up to 3,386,000 people, while Japan has just over 318,000 people, 1/10 of China.

For a more detailed look, let’s dive into the assessment of each of the two countries’ forces. The first is the army forces of the two countries, China has a military staff of up to 3,386,000 people, while Japan has just over 318,000 people, 1/10 of China.

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Next is the main tank , for this weapon China continues to outperform Japan. While China owns 8,860 tanks of all kinds, Japan has only 726 tanks. Just comparing the numbers is enough to see that Japan is not a rival when it comes to tanks with China.

In terms of composition, China’s most modern main battle tank is Type-99 with 1,350 units, followed by Type-96 tanks with 3,100 units, followed by Type-79, Type-69, T- 59 is still with a large number of 2,300 units, in addition to many obsolete tanks such as Type-63, Type-88, Type-05.

Japan’s main battle tank is the Type-10 with 135 units, which is the 4th generation vehicle that is considered one of the most powerful tanks in the world today. Behind are tanks like the Type-90 with 340 and the T-74 with 250.

Next is the combat helicopter, which is a helicopter designed for combat armed with heavy weapons including missiles, rockets and machine guns. Tasked with destroying tanks, anti-infantry, hunting submarines. The Chinese army currently has 270 helicopters of all kinds, while Japan has only 137 helicopters.

China’s main combat helicopter is the Harbin Z-19 with 105 aircraft, followed by the Mi-24/35 with 20 aircraft and the older Mi-14 with 8 aircraft. Japan’s most powerful combat helicopter is the AH-64 Apache with 12 aircraft, the rest is the AH-1W Cobra with 88 aircraft as the main force.

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Regarding artillery, China can be confident that it can crush Japan many times when it has more than 10,600 cannons of all kinds in service, while Japan has just over 810 cannons.

Specifically, in China’s service, the towed artillery has 6,500 guns of the most famous types, the D-20 152mm. Missile cannon has 2,100 vehicles of all kinds, the most famous being the Type 03 300mm caliber rocket launcher. Finally, there are 2,000 self-propelled guns, the most powerful being the Type 05 155 mm howitzer (PLZ-05).

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Meanwhile, the Japanese artillery force is much more modest in number, including 500 most famous trailer guns, the FH70 155mm caliber, 110 rocket cannons, and 200 self-propelled guns of different types. The most powerful is the 155 mm caliber Type19.

Support helicopters have roles such as surveillance, transport, search and rescue and landing special forces, often equipped with some defensive weapons. Japan is still inferior to China, with a modest number of 610 helicopters of all kinds in service, while China has more than 1,100 support helicopters.

Next is armored fighting vehicles, although there is relatively large number of armored vehicles, Japanese armored vehicles are still not much when compared to China, China owns up to 10,000 armored vehicles of all kinds, Japan only one third with 3,200 vehicles of all kinds.

Next is ground support transport aircraft that are key logistics for any ground force, especially those operating overseas. China owns 722 units, while Japan has 500.

Y-20U aerial tanker china

Finally, ballistic missiles, in this index, China is even more superior to Japan, with the world’s leading ballistic missile arsenal. The most famous Chinese long-range missiles are Dongfeng-41 and Dongfeng-31. Mid-range missiles are Dongfeng-21, Dongfeng-21D, Dongfeng-26. Meanwhile, Japan does not have any missiles.

In fact, Japan is fully capable of developing its military equal to or even superior to other countries in the region. The difficulty of this country is that it has been “sealed” by a series of laws since the Second World War, thereby creating many barriers, preventing the country’s military from being allowed to develop too much. strong.

Japan today, theoretically still has absolutely no army, only self-defense forces, this East Asian country theoretically has no soldiers, every soldier of the Self-Defense Forces Ban, are considered as… state civil servants.

If the situation in East Asia becomes tense, it is likely that the US will give the green light, removing the barriers that have been erected for the Japanese since the Second World War. At this time, the East Asian giant really woke up.

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