The Typhoon proved more powerful than the F-35

The Italian Air Force has just announced the strongest configuration of the Typhoon – a ‘monster’ mode that makes this fighter much stronger than the fifth-generation F-35 aircraft.

The published image shows Typhoon fighter carrying a total of 14 rockets and bombs of all kinds. In this special configuration, Typhoon carries Brimstone missiles, SPEAR 3 missiles, Paveway guided bombs, AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles, Meteor missiles …

When operated in this particular mode, the F-35’s stealth performance ceased to exist and maneuverability was significantly affected. This is when the Typhoon is significantly stronger than the US 5th generation fighter, “the Italian Air Force said in a statement. “If you only bring Brimstone and SPEAR 3, the number of Typhoon missiles that can carry is even more impressive. With a monster configuration, the Typhoon is much more powerful than the F-35 when operating in the same mode but still guaranteed. get your maneuverability.

Typhoon fighters can carry even more weapons.
Typhoon fighters can carry even more weapons.

Just the Meteor 5th generation interceptor missile, is enough to make the difference between the Typhoon and the F-35. Because Meteor is one of the most modern air-to-air missiles of MBDA and in the world today. It was developed by MBDA to be compatible with all aircraft by European standards.

Meteor is designed to destroy any air threat in the 21st century, with a super-long range of up to 300km and can operate in all weather conditions to electronic suppression of the enemy. Phuong.

In addition to the power and flexibility, the point that makes this new-generation fighter attractive is the relatively low operating cost when only equivalent to the operating cost of the current US-made F-16 fighter.

This is one of the reasons why Germany decided to upgrade the Typhoon to a stronger configuration and cancel the F-35 deal, although the price was significantly reduced by the US compared to the first stage of export.

“The technologies and capabilities of the 5th generation F-35 are nothing special, so Germany will not buy this line of fighters.

The money Germany previously planned to use to buy the F-35 will go to the purchase of more Typhoon fighters or to jointly invest in a new European-made aircraft program, “the German Defense said.

According to the military expert Theils revealed, as early as 2018, German defense officials have sought to abandon plans to buy the F-35.

A year earlier, German Defense official Ralf Brauksiepe also confirmed that the Typhoon was the first choice to replace the domestic Tornado, American aircraft such as the F-15, F / A-18E / F and F. -35 is only the secondary solution.

The French firm Dassault and Airbus also plan to rely on the second generation Typhoon and Rafale base for the development of the next generation aircraft without considering the purchase of the F-35.

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