The UAE has threatened to buy the Su-57 if the US refuses to sell the F-35 and the MQ-9

EurAsian Times magazine has just published a very interesting information regarding the arms acquisition of the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE has warned that if Washington refuses to supply the F-35 Lightning II fighter and the MQ-9 Reaper drone to them, Dubai will turn to product choice. by other supplier.

The UAE made the announcement after members of the US Congress objected to President Donald Trump’s decision to sell the plane to them. “We want the best US equipment, or have to be reluctant to get it from other sources, even if it is less efficient,” said UAE Ambassador to the United States, Yousef al-Otaiba.


“The purpose of the deal is to move towards a more stable and secure Middle East. This will allow the UAE to shoulder much of the collective security burden in the region, freeing up US assets to solve problems. Another global issue, a priority for both sides, “added the diplomat.

The ambassador’s words came after Democrats Chris Murphy and Bobo Menendez, as well as Republican Sen. Randall Paul, presented a resolution to block a $ 23 billion deal to sell. Fighters, drones, ammunition and equipment for the UAE.

Furthermore, Mr. Murphy wrote on his Twitter account that he previously provided security for the UAE, but “the deal is different.”

“In Yemen, the UAE and Saudi Arabia killing thousands of civilians with US-made weapons. In Libya, the UAE is in violation of the international arms embargo. And there is evidence that they handed over illegally. US military equipment for extremists in Yemen, “explained Murphy.

The UAE buys the Su-57 if the US is from the F-35 and the MQ-9
There are many voices emerging in the US to oppose the arms sale to the UAE

The UAE, in turn, resisted that they only hand over a small amount of US vehicles to the local rebel forces against the Houthi armed group.

In addition, Senator Murphy expressed concern that “sensitive US technology could fall into the hands of China and Russia”. He recalls that even Turkey, a NATO country, was excluded from the F-35 program due to cooperation with Moscow, which Ankara will not stop.

This is a clear signal that the US will not sell the F-35 and MQ-9 to the UAE. Therefore, the UAE can only rely on the Russian Su-57. China won’t sell them anything, and the Americans are well aware of this.

The response from Washington to Moscow’s threat to buy fifth-generation aircraft from Dubai is still unclear.

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