The UK says Russia benefits from the deadlock in the Ukraine war.

Prime Minister Sunak said Britain needs to speed up its support for Ukraine because the prolonged stalemate in the host actions only benefits Russia.

“Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that since taking office, he has considered the British approach and concluded that the prolonged stalemate in the conflict is only in Russia’s favor. 

That’s why he thinks the UK has an opportunity to strengthen close cooperation. Working closely with our allies to give Ukraine the best chance of success and to take advantage of all the factors to its advantage when Russian forces are in a weak position,” the British Prime Minister’s Office said on January 31.

Prime Minister Sunak announced that Britain continues to play a leading role in aid to Ukraine, most recently by providing 14 Challenger 2 tanks, and its allies have subsequently adopted similar approaches.

Mr. Sunak said the new strategy would involve greater diplomatic efforts and a plan to coordinate with Ukraine to rebuild after the war ends.

Also, in a statement dated January 31 by the British Prime Minister’s Office, a national security official of the country said that the Russian forces were “short of equipment and ammunition” as well as “considerably expending some force.” Combat force, the most capable officers, and a split between the commanders.”

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace cited the US report as saying that “188,000 Russian servicemen were killed or wounded”. Mr. Wallace also said that Russia lost at least two-thirds of its tanks.

Russia has not commented on the British information. After nearly a year, the Russian -Ukrainian war is stalemate as neither side has made significant progress in recent weeks. 

Russian forces have recently launched new attacks against many Ukrainian-controlled areas, such as the city of Ugledar in Donetsk province, in addition to the attack direction on Bakhmut.

In addition to 14 British Challenger 2 main battle tanks, Ukraine is expected to receive several German-made Leopard 2 tanks and American M1 Abrams tanks. However, it is unclear when this batch of tanks will arrive in Ukraine. Western experts believe that Russia will focus on controlling the city of Bakhmut before Western tanks reach Ukraine.

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