The Ukrainian Army captured three rare weapons of Russian Army

Recently, on the battlefield of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the Ukrainian army has captured three very rare Russian weapons. From rare VKS sniper rifle to special infantry fighting vehicle her is the list.

BMO-T is a rare heavy infantry fighting vehicle designed to carry troops equipped with RPO-A  man-portable disposable rocket-assisted flamethrower. The vehicle is modified from the chassis of the T-72 main battle tank, without a turret, thickened chassis armor, and the soldiers loaded are anti-chemical attack troops carrying thermobaric launchers!

Through the experience of the 2nd Chechen War, the Russian army believes that the man-portable disposable rocket-assisted flamethrower is very useful in urban street battles. However, the effective range of the RPO-A rocket launcher is only 400 meters, and under the enemy’s condescending fire blockade, it is difficult for the bazooka soldiers to approach the target. Therefore, Russia developed a “special armored vehicle for the RPO-A rocket launcher squad” with the T-72 tank as the chassis.

Captured Russian BMO-T
Captured Russian BMO-T

A 12.7mm Kord heavy machine gun is fitted for self-defense and cover fire in support of the infantry. A total of 1.000 rounds are carried for this weapon. The majority of the firepower comes from the rocket flamethrower section with their 32 RPO-A shoulder-launched rockets.

The mission of this armored vehicle is to transport the rocket launcher squad to the battlefield line of fire, and then use the vehicle-mounted large-caliber machine gun to suppress the enemy fire point and cover the squad to enter the firing position.

This kind of combat vehicle is very small in the Russian army, although in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict there are destroyed BMO-T special armored vehicles, but the vehicle was captured for the first time.

The second weapon is that the Ukrainian army found a batch of Russian 9M119 ‘Svir’ anti-tank guided missiles in the Izyūm forest. After the launch of this missile, it can fly 5 meters above the laser beam, and suddenly descend into the laser beam flight in the last 2 seconds of flight until it hits the target, and the armor-breaking ability can reach 900 mm.

Generally, only T-90 tanks and T-80 can be equipped with 9M119 ‘Svir’ anti-tank guided missiles, according to the standard T-90 tank equipped with 4 9M119 ‘Svir’ anti-tank guided missiles. However, because of the high price and small number of such artillery missiles, many T-90 tanks have only 2 9M119 ‘Svir’ anti-tank guided missiles.

The third is the 12.7mm VKs / VSSK “Vychlop” large caliber silenced sniper rifle, a special weapon for special forces of the Russian Security Service, which has a very small number of sniper rifles.

The special forces of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation mainly use this 12.7 mm silent sniper rifle to perform long-range sniping in the city, important people hidden in bulletproof cars or important people wearing reinforced body armor. It is a large-caliber silent subsonic sniper rifle designed for special missions, mainly performing assassination and long-range sniper missions.

The special armored vehicles of the cloud blast bomb rocket launcher squad captured by the Ukrainian army, the9M119 ‘Svir’ anti-tank guided missiles and the 12.7mm VKs / VSSK “Vychlop” large caliber silenced sniper rifle are also rare special weapons in Russia.

This time the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the Ukrainian army also captured a lot of Russian secret weapons and equipment, such as the Russian army’s latest SAP-518 electronic jamming pod, the Russian army’s most advanced 2S19M2 type 152 self-propelled artillery, in 2019, the Russian army began to equipped upgraded version of the anti-artillery radar and the Russian battlefield command vehicle, large electronic warfare system and so on.

Even the Russian top-secret Krasukha-4 electronic warfare command system fell into the hands of the Ukrainians, and the US media shouted that the Ukrainians had picked up the big treasure. Because, through the deciphering of the Krasukha-4 command system, it is possible to grasp the specific situation of the Russian front-line deployment.

It was this time that the Battle of Izyum made the Ukrainian army rich. According to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, in the past 10 days, the Ukrainian army has seized thousands of tons of Russian ammunition in Izyum, including anti-tank missiles, rockets, howitzer shells, tank artillery missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, and rifle machine gun ammunition, among others. At the same time, 518 various tanks, armored vehicles, self-propelled artillery military trucks, etc. were destroyed and captured, among others.

This wave of Russian troops was equivalent to sending all the ammunition and supplies piled up on the logistics line from Kupiyansk to Izyum, as well as the equipment of the units belonging to the 20th Army of the Guards.

In the final analysis, the Russian army is still too dependent on the railway system and lacks trucks. In the event that the railway is cut off, it is only possible to throw away heavy weapons and a large number of heavy loads.

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