The Ukrainian Army is about to receive up to 500 tanks and 1,000 infantry fighting vehicles from Poland

Poland said it would donate all of its Soviet armor to the Ukrainian Army, including 500 tanks and 1,000 BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles.

The Armor of the Soviet Union transferred by Poland to Ukraine has been of great help to the Ukrainian Army on the battlefield, where they have to face the superior russian armour.

Currently Warsaw is considering the possibility of continuing the process of transferring a large number of weapons to Ukraine, which will not only compensate the losses of the Kyiv Armoured Forces, but also lead to increase the amount of armoured vehicles with the Ukrainian Army.

According to available statistics, the Polish Army is equipped with about 500 battle tanks of the T-72 family and more than 1,000 BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles, not to mention many other Soviet-style weapons. Poland is expected to become one of the largest suppliers of weapons to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, it is known that Warsaw is ready to bring its military equipments and weapons to Ukraine, on the condition that NATO will soon provide them with Western tanks and armoured vehicles to replace.

So far, there is no direct indication that Ukraine will continue to receive tanks and other armoured vehicles from Poland in the upcoming months. However, it is likely to become possible in the early months of the next year.

The transfer of these mentioned heavy weapon systems to Ukraine can become a serious threat to Russian Troops. Since, poland still has about 50 Multiple Rocket Systems, hundreds of battle tanks, many artillery guns, and several soviet-made air defense systems.

Experts note that direct negotiations between Poland and Ukraine are ongoing and the United States will ensure that the replacement of old Soviet-made weapons with its own products will be completed as soon as possible.

Statistics from the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine War until now, Poland has provided Ukraine with a total of 400 Main Battle Tanks including T-72M, T-72M1R, and even the most advanced tank of the Polish Army, the PT-91 Twady, based on the design of T-72.

As for the BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles, Poland has till now provided Ukraine with small number of vehicles. It is expected that in the next few months there will be thousands of Ukrainian Soldiers will be getting training in Poland to operate these vehicles.

Although, not comparable to modern Russian BMP-2/3 vehicles, but the Polish Army BMP-1 have been modernised and they will be of great help to the Ukrainian Army.

Although the quality may not be the best, it is now clear that the number of Ukrainian Armor has increased a lot than before the war. In addition to vehicles from Poland, Ukraine has also received help from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, etc.

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