The Ukrainian army received a record number of 270 T-72 tanks from NATO

NATO and western countries are rushing to “depot” T-72 tanks with many different versions for deployment in Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the Russian special military operation, more than 270 T-72 tanks of various modifications have been sent to Ukraine by NATO member states, including variants with advanced features. Tactical is very high.

Poland is currently the largest supplier of tanks to Ukraine, which has sent more than 230 T-72 tanks to the neighboring country, while the Czech Republic has sent another 40 T-72s to Kyiv.

Chez T-72M1
Chez T-72M1

Such a large number of main battle tanks (MBTs) have clearly compensated for the existing losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in addition to the number of tanks they have captured from the Russian army.

In addition to the announced suppliers of equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there is information that other countries sent their tanks to Ukraine. This means that the actual number of armored vehicles transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be much larger.

It is reported that the most modern T-72 tank that Ukraine has received is the Czech T-72M4CZ, which is equipped with the Italian TURMS-T fire control system.

Czech T-72M4CZ
Czech T-72M4CZ

The 1,000 hp Condor CV-12 engine with a monobloc automatic transmission is another improvement on the T-72M4CZ, allowing for quick changes and easier servicing. The maximum speed of the T-72M4CZ is 61 km / h, the range of 430 km.

In addition, the tank also has explosive reactive armor to neutralize penetrating bullets. The 2A46M 125 mm smoothbore cannon was left as the main armament. The combat weight of the tank reached 48 tons.

The biggest advantage of the T-72M4CZ tank over the T-72B3 (even the T-90) is that it is modernized according to NATO standards, in which the fire control system with an opto-electronic sight carries and extremely accurate firing.

A few days earlier, a convoy of T-72M1R tanks supplied by Poland to Ukraine was seen in Bakhmut, which indicates that Kyiv is actively using NATO-supplied weapons against the attack of the Russian Army.

The Polish T-72 tanks that aid Ukraine are in fact a modernized variant of the T-72M1R born in 2019, with much higher tactical features than the original T-72M1 that was confused.

Based on the posted images, it is possible to recognize the specific details of the T-72M1R main battle tank modernized by Poland according to NATO technology.

Most noticeable is that the standard viewfinder on the T-72M1R has been replaced with an extremely advanced thermal imager, accompanied by a night vision device, a digital communication system, and a new engine.

Polish T-72M1R
Polish T-72M1R

As a result, the fire efficiency of this combat vehicle has increased significantly, according to comments from military experts, at least equivalent to the most advanced Ukrainian version of T-72AMT.

The Polish T-72M1R tank is also equipped with multi-function display screens, helping the crew to observe the battlefield and shoot in the most convenient way.

Another thing to note is that after handing over to Ukraine, Polish T-72 tanks have been fitted with Kontakt-1 explosive reactive armor in front, on the turret, and on both sides, giving much greater safety than the original.

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