The United States has sent over 50 M2A2 Bradley fighting vehicles to the Ukrainian government.

Infantry fighting vehicles will be provided to Ukraine by the end of January; their preparation for shipment has already begun.
United States President Joe Biden has approved the delivery of 50 M2A2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine.

Unlike conventional armored vehicles previously supplied by the United States, the latter have much more protection and much more serious weapons, although they have less maneuverability.

It is now known that the United States will transfer 50 M2A2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

However, the United States has a huge stock of M2A2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles in service – about 7000 units, potentially leading to unlimited deliveries of these weapons to Ukraine, which is the most serious concern.

The M2 Bradley is a tracked infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) that is used by the US military. It is designed to transport infantry troops to the battlefield and provide fire support for them once they dismount.

The M2 Bradley is armed with a 25mm cannon, TOW missiles, and a 7.62mm machine gun. It is also equipped with advanced armor and electronic systems to protect the crew and passengers from enemy fire. The M2A2 is an upgraded version of the M2 Bradley that features improved electronics and a more powerful engine.

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