The US aircraft carrier arrived in Guam, and China and Russia exercised 10 warships in the East China Sea.

The United States is preparing the schedule for US Secretary of State Blinken’s visit to China, but when Blinken is about to visit China, the United States wants to use an aircraft carrier to deter China, showing an aggressive posture.

According to air traffic control information data, the US aircraft carrier “Nimitz” carried out activities in the waters near Guam on December 19. 

It is said that the C-2A carried by the Nimitz aircraft carrier is carrying out the flight mission between the aircraft carrier and Anderson Air Force Base. The location of the air force base is Guam, and Guam belongs to the so-called second island chain that encircles China.

With the rapid development of our navy and rocket force, the first island chain built by the United States has been gradually broken by us. The United States has no advantage in the first island chain, so it has to retreat to the second island chain. 

Guam is an important part of the second island chain. The Nimitz aircraft carrier arrived near Guam before Blinken visited China, which is self-evident.

China and Russia launched a joint strategic cruise on November 30. China sent the Air Force H-6K, J-16, and Yunyou-20 to participate in the joint cruise. Russia sent Tu-95MS strategic bombers, Su-30SM and Su-20, to participate in the joint cruise.

 35S, the scene is very spectacular. Moreover, the strategic planes of the two sides dropped at each other’s airports, which is enough to prove the degree of mutual trust between China and Russia.

Recently, the US aircraft carrier arrived near Guam, and China and Russia once again held the “Joint Sea-2022” exercise in the East China Sea. 

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense website, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that it would send a formation of the Pacific Fleet to the East China Sea to participate in the joint maritime exercise.

During the military exercise, the fleet was led by the Pacific Fleet flagship “Varyag” guided missile cruiser to the East China Sea, and three other ships included the frigate “Marshal Shaposhnikov” and the Project 20380 “Hero of the Russian Federation Ardar Zidenza.” Bove” and the frigate “Perfect.” 

The Chinese Navy sent two destroyers, two frigates, a supply ship, and a diesel-electric submarine to participate. The total number of participating ships from both sides reached 10.

The Sino-Russian maritime joint exercise is a traditional joint exercise project between the Chinese and Russian navies. Since 2012, it has been held once a year. The exercise location is held in turns in the waters of China and Russia. 

This time it is held in the East China Sea. The “Maritime Joint-2022” exercise is another large-scale exercise after the joint cruise of Chinese and Russian strategic bombers. It is said that the military exercise will last for eight days, from December 21 to December 27.


Before China and Russia held the “Joint Sea-2022” exercise, the Chinese Navy’s first aircraft carrier Liaoning led two 055-class destroyers, one 052D-class destroyer, and one 054A-class frigate to cross the Miyako Strait and enter the Pacific Ocean.

 The Japanese Self-Defense Forces were highly tense and immediately dispatched a destroyer, “Kiryume,” and two Kawasaki P-1 and Lockheed P-3, “Orion,” maritime patrol aircraft to track and monitor. 

According to the pictures taken by Japan, the Chinese strategic bomber H-6K followed the aircraft carrier Liaoning to perform missions. The last time the H-6K appeared was a strategic joint cruise with Russia’s Tu 95 on the 30th of last month.

The Liaoning aircraft carrier crossed the Miyako Strait in a short period, and China and Russia held the “Joint Sea-2022” exercise in the East China Sea. China and Russia have created a tense atmosphere in the Asia-Pacific. 

The essential reason lies in Japan and the United States. According to media reports, the Japanese government approved three security documents on December 16, the revised “National Security Strategy,” “National Defense Strategy,” and “Defense Force Preparation Plan.” 

Japan revised these three documents, defining China as “the biggest strategic challenge so far,” asserting the sovereignty of islands disputed by South Korea and Japan, and emphasizing that Japan should have a stronger counterattack capability. 

Japan’s revision of security documents has drawn serious protests from China and South Korea, and even Russia expressed concern about Japan’s behavior. Japan’s move seriously undermined the Asia-Pacific region’s peace and threatened Northeast Asia’s stability.

In addition to Japan, the United States is also causing instability in the Asia-Pacific region. The United States encourages Japan to provoke countries such as China, South Korea, and Russia.

Japan constantly adjusts its security policy and strengthens its military counterattack capabilities, which makes people doubt the recovery of Japanese militarism. Japan’s behavior like this is bound to arouse the vigilance and opposition of peace-loving people in Japan and abroad.


Whether it is the aircraft carrier Liaoning carrying four ships across the Miyako Strait, or China and Russia holding the “Joint Sea-2022” exercise, they are all a solid response to the actions of the United States and Japan, and they are maintaining regional peace and stability.


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