The US successfully tested the stealth weapon, countering the S-400 missile.

The AARGM-ER is a stealthy missile designed to destroy enemy radar stations, including the Russian S-400 missile defense system.

The US Navy in collaboration with contractor Northrop Grumman has successfully tested the advanced anti-radiation missile AARGM-ER from the F/A-18 fighter jet. Previously, this type of missile was successfully tested from the F-35 stealth fighter.

The test was carried out at Naval Air Station Point Mugu, southern California on July 19, but no information has been released so far”. The objective of the live-fire test with the AARGM-ER included confirmation of overall system integration, performance of the rocket engine. The AARGM-ER missile successfully launched from the F/A-18 aircraft responded. all test targets,”.

“The launch was carried out three months earlier than the original plan to meet the mission in the new situation. In order to successfully carry out the exercise, the AARGM-ER missile distracted the enemy radar, making it impossible to detect. aware of the approaching danger,” .

The AARGM-ER missile is a variant developed from the AGM-88 line of radar-killing missiles. It can be noticed that the new version has a rather strange aerodynamic shape with wings along the fuselage. Having this special wingsuit both helps the missile achieve the optimal aerodynamic shape and helps disperse the incoming radar signal.

This weapon is part of a trio of US missiles designed to deal with ship-based radars and advanced air defense systems like Russia’s S-400. In particular, the AARGM-ER missile is the last weapon to enter after the JSOW and MALD missiles were fired to distract.

To increase accuracy when hitting targets, the AARGM-ER missile is integrated with the HCSM target control system. The system is equipped with a GPS satellite navigation system and an inertial measuring device (IMU), which makes it capable of accurately hitting the target, regardless of the impact of any form of interference.

The AARGM-ER uses a mid-phase inertial guidance system and a terminal active radar homing head. The general principle of this weapon is to follow the radar wave to hit the transmitter antenna. With its extremely high speed and small size, intercepting AARGM-ER missiles is almost impossible.

The US believes that AARGM-ER is one of the most important weapons on the battlefield, it helps destroy the enemy’s radar warning system, protecting the safety of US Army air strikes against defense systems. not of the enemy.

The interesting thing is that the US also plans to equip this new missile for NATO allies in Europe. This is believed to target Russian air defense systems including the S-400.

However, recently Moscow has successfully tested the S-500 and put it into service, with its super long range, it is likely that they will destroy the aircraft before they can launch the missile.

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