The US used 1,500 kg of bombs to kill 1 rebel.

The US Air Force has just announced the actual number of bombs used in the attack on the rebels in Syria in early 2021 and their effectiveness.

Our sources from the US Air Force, said that US warplanes used 7, 227 kg bombs to drop on the camp in Syria. The attack killed one rebel gunman and destroyed nine fortified structures.

Satellite photos released after the airstrike showed the rebel group’s camp in Syria, about 300 meters from the border with Iraq, almost completely wiped out after a series of seven guided bombs, each heavy. nearly 227 kg, from two US F-15E fighters.

The attack was the first casualty military operation ordered by President Joe Biden after taking office. As soon as the US released the above data, Southfront said that this said all about the effectiveness of US air strikes.

“The air strike was carried out on February 25, but with the results so disappointing, it took until now for the US to reveal about this attack,” an expert from Southfront commented.

This fact has also happened in the US warship launching Tomahawks at many targets in Syria at the end of 2014. The US air campaign on the night of October 3 was only able to kill at least 35 jihadists. belonging to the Islamic State (IS) group.

This attack was carried out around the town of Shadadi, Hasakeh, Kobane (north Aleppo, bordering Turkey). It is known that in this strike, the US used both Tomahawk missiles and modern bombers with smart bombs.

Earlier in late September 2014, on the first day of air strikes against IS, the US also fired more than 40 Tomahawk cruise missiles and the number of IS fighters killed was estimated at 20 people.

These are the most specific statistical results on the loss of lives of ISIS since the beginning of the war that the US announced since September 11, 2014. But also from that result, people are questioning the effectiveness of this air campaign.

First of all, the waste of money. In the air raid at the end of September 2014, almost 2 Tomahawk missiles killed an IS fighter! While an American missile costs from $607,000 to $1.5 million. Not to mention the bombs that the US drops, along with the cost of operating the aircraft, perhaps to take the life of ISIS, the US is paying too high a price.

This fact has also been acknowledged by the German magazine Focus, although deploying more aircraft in Syria than Russia, the US-led coalition must admit that Moscow’s airstrikes against IS are much more effective.

This report shows that, in the early stages of Russia’s air campaign against IS, there were 40 Russian fighter jets stationed in Latakia making 75 sorties in a day and night, each time hitting the targets. Precise and effective strikes against ISIS positions in Syria.

Meanwhile, the US-led force has a total of 180 fighters, but the number of sorties is only a fraction of that of Russia, destroying only about 20 targets a day – a too poor result when 4 times more than the number of aircraft.

In addition, Russia also uses in Syria the most modern combat vehicles with military technology, for example, Moscow has sent to Latakia four Su-35s, which, according to experts, are currently the type. fighter superior to most Western-made aircraft.

Analysts of the American Coalition also acknowledged that it was Russian activity, not the US, that caused the defeat of IS in Syria. And the world is realizing that Russian weapons are the main players in Syria, overwhelming US-NATO equipment.

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