Drop the price of Jf-17 or will go for Indian Tejas: Argentina to China

A few months back a delegation from china was in Argentina to pitch JF-17 Thunder jets for its air force, even China able to seal 12 JF-17 fighters for Argentina’s air force.

But according to recent news published on various Chinese media, just as the order for the Dragon Fighter between China and Argentina was about to be signed and delivered, Argentina suddenly change its mind. Not only they ask China to reduce prices, It even pressured they can go for Indian LCA fighter jets. Seems like Argentina finally realised the disadvantages of JF-17 fighter.

PAF JF-17 fighter
PAF JF-17 fighter

Recently, the large order of 12 JF-17 fighters between China and Argentina has changed. During the discussion, Argentina suddenly express JF-17 is too expensive and proposed that if China does not reduce the price, then Argentina is likely to switch to buying India’s LCA Tejas fighters. In response, China said – $50 million price of the JF-17 fighter is absolutely worthy of its performance.

Since the Anglo-Amara Islands War, Argentina’s military strength has been severely hit, and to make matters worse, Argentina was also subject to an arms embargo from the United Kingdom at that time, and this positioning has continued to this day, which led to the British in Europe. Allies are reluctant to sell weapons and equipment to Argentina, and even France once refused to sell weapons and equipment to Argentina.

This has directly led to the extreme shortage of weapons and equipment in Argentina now, and the national air force strugling to find a supersonic fighter. It is imperative for Argentina to purchase new fighters and expand the combat capabilities of the Air Force. After repeated consideration, Argentina finally chose the BLOCK3 model of China’s JF-17 fighter, but Argentina said that the price JF-17 which is $50 million is too expensive, and it is necessary for China to reduce the price, but in fact, such a request is reasonable after all Jf-17 fighter is one of the low quality build fighter in the world

The wall was really unreliable, and the fighter turned around as it was nearing delivery, and it also used LCA to put pressure on it.

According to Chinese media, Compared with the previous two batches, the third batch of Xiaolong fighters is the most advanced batch. Not only is it installed active phased array radar, but its detection capability can also greatly improved, and it can even produce a certain detection effect on some stealth targets, Can detect six targets within 170 kilometers at the same time, and even direct missiles strike to multiple targets.

The power system has also replaced the RD93MA engine from Russia. While the thrust is increased, the fuel efficiency is improved. At the same time, the entire aircraft’s avionics system and fuel tank systems have been redesigned for combat effectiveness, and can even mount the Pili 10 missiles of the same type as the J-20 fighter. Although the Xiaolong sold to Argentina may not be equipped with Pili 10, it is also It can carry the same advanced missiles such as the J-10c, so although US$50 million is relatively more expensive, it is definitely worth the money. said by Chinese media.

But everyone knows the build quality of Chinese products, example is Wing Loong UCAV export to UAE by China is keep falling from the sky. Both UAE and Iran stop using Chinese made UCAV.

Tejas mk1A

In contrast, the performance of India’s Tejas fighter jets is completely Superior to JF-17 fighter, and in addition to performance, Tejas mk1a is one of the best light weight fighter in the current world. It is fitted with Air-to-air refuelling probe,Fuel system enhancement, Beyond Visual Range (BVR) missiles, GSH 23 mm twin barrelled gun, advanced avionics with HMD. Even the best part is it can use Russian, Israeli, European, and Indian missiles.

Tejas Elta 2052  radar can track up to 64 targets simultaneously at longer ranges which is more what JF-17 can track. This radar enables Tejas Mk1A to simultaneously target multiple enemy fighters in combat engagements. The range of Tejas radar is nearly 300km.

The aircraft has also been equipped with advanced autopilot capabilities like auto-level (in case of pilot disorientation), safe altitude recovery (which automatically pulls up the aircraft if it comes too close to the ground) and auto navigation modes. It also equipped with Instrument Landing System (ILS) and tactical air navigation system (TACAN), will allow the pilot to concentrate on “head-down” mission-critical requirements rather than worry about basic flying.


Even with these advanced features the price of Tejas is so less compare to others. “Cost per aircraft is Rs 309 crore ($42 million). The trainer will cost Rs 280 crore. This is a very competitive price. Other countries have found this cost and have realised that it is the cheapest offer for a four-and-a-half generation aircraft,” he said.

According to many reports, lots of South Asian, Middle East and India’s neighbor countries are interest in Tejas fighter aircraft. So its no surprise things Argentina looking for LCA Tejas rather than Chinese Jf-17.


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