There are still technical shortcomings, but it is enough to threaten any advanced fighter in the West

The Su-57 fighter is the only fifth-generation stealth fighter that has been mass-produced in Russia. Although the aircraft has been stumbling since its development and the time for mass production has been pushed back

The appearance of the aircraft is still objectively important to Western countries. Great pressure, at least European countries have not yet been able to effectively counter the Su-57 fighter jets, so they have to import a large number of F-35s from the United States to balance the tactical threat of the Su-57.

The Russian news agency TASS on October 14 reported that the Over 70 Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets will be delivered to Russian troops by 2027, including several aircraft this year.

“The Russian fifth-generation planes do not make the West feel easy. Su-57 and Checkmate fighters regularly become the focus of fake news. Untrue facts that have nothing to do with reality are published. The plane is already being serial-produced and delivered! Over 70 aircraft will be delivered by 2027, including several fighters this year,” Rostec said in a statement

Not long ago, the US “National Interest” magazine also wrote an article saying that the Russian technology group could not produce so many Su-57 fighters before 2027. The news released by the Russian technology group can be regarded as a refutation of the American media.

From a purely technical point of view, there is indeed a big gap between the Su-57 fighter jets and the five-generation stealth fighters currently in service in the United States. First of all, from the perspective of aerodynamic appearance, the stealth performance of the Su-57 fighter has a relatively big problem. The aircraft actually follows the aerodynamic design of the Su-27 fighter “central lift body”, and the two air intakes are directly hung on the aircraft. Under the body, a serious “cavitation effect” is formed between the intake ducts, which makes it difficult to achieve stealth. This is also the most criticized point of Su-57 fighter.

In addition to obvious shortcomings in stealth performance, although the Su-57 radar avionics system is the most advanced in Russia, because the Russian electronics industry as a whole is backward, Russia’s “most advanced” radar avionics system is generally It can only be regarded as second-rate, even if compared with Europe, there are not many advantages at all. The backward avionics system has led to the lack of advanced missile weapon system performance. In particular, the main air-to-air missiles currently used by Russia are already at a significant disadvantage compared with Europe and the United States.

However, although the Su-57’s own performance and supporting weapons have certain defects, the appearance of this aircraft still makes the West feel the pressure. This is because the Su-57 will significantly improve the combat effectiveness of the Russian Air and Space Force after the deployment of troops. In the past, the ability of four and a half generations of fighters such as Su-30SM and Su-35 to fight agains four generations such as Rafale, Typhoon, F-15, and F-16. When the Su-57 appears, the strategic balance will tilt towards Russia, and NATO’s European allies can only balance the Su-57 by purchasing a large number of F-35s.

The Western countries, especially the United States, are worried that the Su-57 will cause new tactical problems for NATO, so they always belittle the combat effectiveness of the aircraft in various ways. Now even the production of the aircraft has become a reason for the West to laugh at the Su-57. Therefore, it can be seen that the aircraft does “feel uncomfortable” in the West, so it will be “smeared” by the West with all its strength.

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