This Asian country buy anti-ship missiles from Ukraine

The signing of the agreement means Indonesia becomes the first foreign customer to buy an anti-ship system developed by Ukraine.

The MoU was signed after prolonged negotiations between Ukraine and Indonesia, in which Ukrainian experts convinced the Indonesians the advantage of some Ukrainian weapons.

The expert noted that the current financial situation of Ukraine makes the mass production of R-360 Neptune missiles difficult. Therefore, a formal contract is signed, not taking anything to guarantee the manufacturer can deliver on schedule.Assessment of the anti-ship missile Neptune Indonesia decided to buy, Russian military expert Igor Korotchenko, said that Neptune was just a copy of the X-35 (Soviet era) and easy to intercept.

In particular, currently the sole solid fuel plant for the Ukrainian complex has been shut down. According to Russian experts, the Neptune that Ukraine has just built and praised with all its words is actually a copy of the Soviet Kh-35 (X-35) Uran anti-ship cruise missile, so their technology is no longer available. new in modern warfare.

Because they have many similarities with the improved Russian Kh-35, it is not difficult for Moscow to find a counter. From its shape and size, the Nepture missile is not much different from the Kh-35 that Russia currently has.

Like the Kh-35, Nepture missile has a weight of 520-610kg depending on the version. The length of this missile is about 3.8-4.4m, 0.42m in diameter and a wingspan of 1.3m.

The entire R-360 Neptune complex includes the USPU-360 launcher, the TPK-360 missile tank, the TZM-360 generator vehicle, and the TM-360 transport vehicle. The R-360 Neptune cruise missile has a warhead weighing 150 kg, a range of up to 280 km and a speed of about 900 km / h.

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