This European country asked soldiers to return all kinds of clothing, even underwear

Logically speaking, new recruits received all kinds of clothing such as underwear and socks after enlisting in the army. In other words, the army provides soldiers with everything necessary for life. But from a practical point of view, not all countries’ militaries can do it, especially in some special cases.

Recently, the Norwegian army asked soldiers to return all kinds of clothing, including underwear and socks, to the army as much as possible before retiring, citing the impact of the epidemic, problems in the supply chain, and serious problems with the Norwegian army’s clothing inventory. The recovered clothes will be re-issued to the recruits after washing and sterilizing. The Norwegian military acknowledged the current embarrassment and said that such measures are only expedients, and new recruits will be provided clothing after the supply chain problem is resolved.

The epidemic has affected almost every aspect of the world (Thanks to China), and the military is no exception. Because the supply chain is affected, the construction progress of various weapons and equipment has been affected more or less, that’s why Norwegian facing shortage of uniform. The Norwegian army was the first to be publicly reported.

Although many people understand the embarrassment of the Norwegian military, there are still many people who believe that letting recruits wear other people’s clothes, especially underwear and socks, not only has hygiene and health problems, but many recruits will also feel “Uncomfortable”. In addition, Norway is located in northern Europe, and the weather is extremely cold. Due to insufficient supplies, the soldiers wore worn-out military uniforms on duty, which affected morale.

As a developed country with a per capita GDP of US$67,300 (2020), the Norwegian military is in such a situation. Although the main reason is that the epidemic has affected the supply chain, many people still accuse the Norwegian military of not advancing Plans for such situations.

If the shortage of clothing in the Norwegian army is a special case, the Israeli army is a regular one. Although the Israeli army has a large military budget every year, it also receives military assistance from the United States and other countries, and its weapons and equipment are very modern, but after all, as far as Israel’s strategic environment is concerned, its military expenditure must be spent on cutting edge, military uniforms, etc. Minor areas often struggle with underfunding. In some cases, the Israeli army also calls on veterans to return personal items such as military boots that they took away from the army.

Norway and Israel are both developed countries, and if there is a shortage of clothing for such countries. So, will the militaries of other countries have similar problems, or will they openly seek help when similar problems arise? At least, in many economically underdeveloped countries, the possibility is still very high.

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