Thousands of missiles arrived in India, USA and Russia showed full support India

Recently, India has accelerated the rate of foreign military purchases. Obviously, because our home made missile are under development or not enough to match up the Chinese strength and some are failed in tests . At the same time, India has thrown large orders for arms purchases to countries such as Europe and the United States. The United States will certainly not miss such a good thing. It has sent representatives to come to India to discuss cooperation. It not only promises to take credit, but also provides loans to facilitate India’s arms purchases and open up green channels. On the other hand, Russia also actively expressed its willingness to provide weapons to India. According to Russian media reports, the Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh personally flew to Moscow in person to meet with Russian military industry executives intensively, and stated that Russia is also willing to give green light for India throughout the process.

Su-30mki with brahmos CM

The Russian Foreign Minister said that Russia will comprehensively speed up the delivery of arms to India. It clearly shows that how much the world hate the chinese communist party even russia who is china’s one of the best ally is not trusting the CCP . According to the latest reports, the Indian Ministry of Defense believes that if there is a conflict in the future, the Indian Air Force will play an important role in the war. Therefore, the important task of this military purchase project is to purchase large quantities of heavy fighters.

Indian Airforce MiG-29 UPG armed with the R-77

To pick and choose, Indian airforce believes that the Russian Su-30MKI and MiG-29UPG fighters are very compatible with the use of the Indian Air Force. In addition, Russia agreed to sell 33 fighters including 21 stock MiG-29 , and has promised that India will complete the delivery in the shortest time. On 15 October 2016, during the BRICS Summit, India and Russia signed an Inter-governmental Agreement (IGA) for the supply of five S400 regiments. The US$5.43 billion deal (₹40,000 crore) was formally signed on 5 October 2018

Now Russia agreed to hand over three other air-to-air missiles to India, including 300 R-73RVV-MD fighting bombs, 400 R-77RVV-SD medium-range missiles, and 300 R-27ET1/ER1 medium-range missiles. They are all practical missiles equipped on Su-30MKI and MiG-29UPG fighters. The range is around 100 kilometers. At present, these 1,000 missiles have all arrived in India, which will greatly enhance India’s air combat strength. Many foreign media said that with the arrival of US and Russian weapons, the previously unfavorable situation in India may be reversed.


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