Three strongest navies in Southeast Asia, surprise with Thailand

Among the three navies that are said to be the most powerful in Southeast Asia, Thailand is unexpectedly made third place with its tourism aircraft carrier.

With a very complex geographical position, this country is required to invest heavily in its navy. Indonesia is also a rare country in the region, capable of building its own frigates.

The country’s Martadinata-class missile frigates, locally built by Indonesia, are based on a Dutch license. In addition, the navy is also equipped with Exocet anti-ship missiles from France.

Martadinata-class missile frigates
Martadinata-class missile frigates

In addition to extremely powerful missile frigates, Indonesia also has a huge submarine fleet, along with the ability to build its own submarines based on technology transfer from South Korea.

In the event of war, the capabilities of the Indonesian navy will be further enhanced, with its excellent self-manufacturing capacity.

Quite surprising when Singapore is said to be the country with the second-largest naval power in Southeast Asia today.

In particular, the backbone of this country’s navy is stealth frigates, built according to the Formidable class designed and manufactured by France.

All 6 Formidable-class warships of the current Singapore Navy, have put the country into the second most powerful position in the region, despite the fact that Singapore only owns 38 pioneering warships in the service.

All 6 Formidable class frigates of  Singapore navy
All 6 Formidable class frigates of the Singapore navy

The main weapons of the Formidable-class warships in Singapore’s service today are the world’s most modern Harpoon anti-ship missiles, imported from the US by this country.

The most surprising point is that 5 of the 6 Formidable-class warships that this country owns, up to 5 are built in the country, only the first one is imported from abroad.

And the most surprising is in third place with Thailand. Despite the country’s main use of the Chakri Naruebet aircraft carrier for tourism and visitor service, it is still the only country in Southeast Asia that owns its own aircraft carrier.

According to military experts, the world’s smallest aircraft carrier that Thailand owns, is currently not capable of deploying aircraft and has a combat value of zero.

HTMS Chakri Naruebet
HTMS Chakri Naruebet

However, the reputation it brings to Thailand, is indisputable, especially when this is the only aircraft carrier operating in the region. Regardless of the fact that Chakri Naruebet is serviceable or not, it is still the only aircraft carrier in Southeast Asia today.

The surprising point is that Thailand, despite owning the “biggest” aircraft carrier in the region, does not have a submarine in service. Bangkok’s plan to buy submarines S26T from China, has so far been postponed indefinitely.

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