Top 10 craziest secret military projects

10. Pentagon’s UFO Report Project

The Pentagon spent $22 million to investigate UFOs? Yes, that’s right! The Aviation Threat Recognition Project is a project established by the US Department of Defense to investigate UFOs and is the successor to the Blue Book project. In the 1960s and 1970s, there were many UFO sightings, so the U.S. government established a secret working group to investigate them. Although the project is said to have been terminated, many people do not believe the agency’s claims and believe that the project is still operating secretly. At any time, as long as there is a long history of conspiracy, potential alien aircraft, and high-level government secrets, there must be some quite intense conspiracy theories.

10 craziest secret military projects, Iran trained dolphins to kill people, Soviet Union researched laser tanks

Although most of the time you can ignore or refute rumors, the Pentagon has recently released some pretty crazy reports. If you are a science enthusiast, you may have seen a report on UFOs issued by the US government, in which some officials publicly mentioned several UFO sightings. The Pentagon is indeed investigating several UFO cases, but the working group has not found “clear signs” that they are from aliens.

9. The The CIA’s “Project Aquiline”

Over the years, more than 50% of secret military projects have been large aircraft with impressive capabilities. At that time, as the threat of nuclear war with the Soviet Union intensified, the United States focused on developing new methods to monitor potential threats. The most important defense projects include designing aircraft that are faster than enemy missile and radar systems. Perhaps the most famous of these is the SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft, which can keep flying for more than 12 hours. During the fiercest period of the Cold War, the US military tried to figure out how to use the “black bird” to monitor the Soviet Union. This project is called the “Falcon Project” and is another crazy project involving nuclear energy, including nuclear-powered drones, which are said to be able to stay in the air for 30 days.

10 craziest secret military projects, Iran trained dolphins to kill people, Soviet Union researched laser tanks

This aircraft was originally designed for hovering and reconnaissance troops at low altitude over the battlefield, but over time, this function has changed, including functions such as wings and beaks. Nuclear energy is the only energy that is expected to expand the scope of the project. The CIA hopes that the nuclear propulsion system can better optimize and manage energy. The study of radioisotopes is tricky because they decay. If they can recycle the heat they generate, they can produce energy more efficiently. The “Falcon” was created as a combination of a spy plane and a reconnaissance plane. Some of its more unique features include an expandable canoe-shaped nose and a detachable camera tail. In essence, the “Falcon Project” is a “bird drone” capable of nuclear flight.

8. Iran’s Military Dolphins

As early as 2000, people knew that Iran purchased a fleet of military-trained dolphins from Russia, and it was said to have been cruising around the Persian Gulf for many years. In addition to worrying about Iran’s nuclear capabilities, military leaders around the world are also paying close attention to Iran’s navy. At the beginning of this century, although many countries are working hard to develop nuclear weapons, military intelligence agencies have noticed that there are speculations that Iran is developing underwater teams of weaponized dolphins. Yes, you heard it right. So where did the Iranian Navy get the dolphins? Where are they now?

10 craziest secret military projects, Iran trained dolphins to kill people, Soviet Union researched laser tanks

Regarding the military purpose of dolphins, during the Cold War, the Soviet Union trained dolphins in order to counter the use of marine mammals by the United States. These dolphins were obtained for government use, but the public strongly opposed captive dolphins. It is said that the Iranian Navy trains dolphins to detect mines and kills enemies with harpoons, poison darts and explosives. These dolphins are equipped with cameras so that the military can inspect the area after being attacked. Although this may be out of reach, considering that dolphins are extremely smart, military dolphins throwing poison arrows and harpoons seem to be less illusory.

7. The CIA’s Project Azorian

In the 1970s, the CIA decided to recover parts from a Soviet nuclear submarine K-129 that sank in the Pacific, and the operation was codenamed “Project Azores.” The CIA has a clandestine dual-purpose submarine disguised as a mining ship, used to carry out military operations. In 1969, a group of people claiming to be from a marine mining organization appeared at a meeting and asked to speak with Curtis Crook, a senior engineer at Universal Marine. Three of them approached Crook and asked to talk to him about a top-secret project they were working on that might soon become a reality. Crook has mastered the expertise of deep-sea drilling, which is exactly what these three people want.

10 craziest secret military projects, Iran trained dolphins to kill people, Soviet Union researched laser tanks

In the 1960s, both the United States and the Soviet Union had nuclear submarines patrolling the high seas. The Soviet ballistic missile submarine K-129 disappeared in the Pacific Ocean. The submarine was equipped with nuclear missiles that could threaten American cities. Later, with the help of Dr. Crook’s expertise, the CIA built a deep-sea reclaimer and salvaged an abandoned Soviet submarine from the seabed. Some modern historians believe that the ship was struck by a lightning, and the Russians also suspected that the explosion was an enemy torpedo attack.

6. The CIA’s Stargate Project

The Stargate Project is a $20 million project funded by the US government dedicated to studying psychological phenomena such as remote viewing. The study of mental phenomena is mainly to verify the existence of a sensory perception and determine whether this ability is useful for military intelligence. Some people claimed that this military project was initiated by a major general named Albert Stubbin and was conducted by the adjutant Frederick Holmes Atwater, nicknamed “psychic headhunter”. School supervision. The US government has been funding research on Stargate, trying to hire clairvoyance and psychics to detect enemies thousands of miles away through remote sensing capabilities. At that time, they conducted extensive investigations in the scientific community and found that the scientific community was very suspicious of the supernatural world. . The reaction of those scholars is that they are very interested in supernatural phenomena.

10 craziest secret military projects, Iran trained dolphins to kill people, Soviet Union researched laser tanks

5. British Panjandrum Rolling Bomb

During World War II, D-Day was the largest military operation in human history. However, this did not change the fact that the preparations made by the Allies for the Normandy Landing Day described some imaginative ways to break through the German resistance. Pangazum is a huge wooden rocket-assisted cart containing dozens of explosives. The British military tried to use it to destroy the coastal defense bunkers on the beaches of Normandy in northern France.

10 craziest secret military projects, Iran trained dolphins to kill people, Soviet Union researched laser tanks

Its design is very simple, it can roll at lightning speed on the beach, and then detonate. It is said that this is a weapon that can be launched from a ship and move as fast as a tank. For example, in one test, a missile deviated 40 miles from its orbit and almost killed a dog! It can be said that this is one of the craziest stories of the Second World War. Even according to today’s standards, the construction of this project will be a considerable engineering feat. At the end of 1943, some departments even built a prototype of Pangazum in London.

4. Chrysler’s TV-8 Tank

When the nuclear arms race is in full swing, most people believe that nuclear energy will dominate the 20th century. There were many secret projects in the 1950s, but the tensions of the Cold War drove most of the development of nuclear energy. While most people are worried about nuclear weapons, the famous automaker Chrysler is willing to make a joke with this half-track nuclear-powered tank. And this is the nuclear-powered tank development plan code-named “TV8”.

10 craziest secret military projects, Iran trained dolphins to kill people, Soviet Union researched laser tanks

For obvious reasons, the US military tried to keep their new research secret. The strange thing about the TV-8 tank is its turret design, which is much larger than the car body itself. It is strange to see a tank with almost no special features, only the turret reveals what is inside. One of the most surprising is that their weight is so small, only 25 tons. However, the strangest part of it may be that the nuclear reactor is hidden inside the turret. In addition to apparently failed attempts, some weapons experts believe that if the tank is hit, it may not be a good idea to design a tank with a vacuum.

3. The US Airforce “Project 1794”

Although most people have never heard of a secret military project called Avrocar, the truth is that this project is stranger than anything imagined. Avrocar was originally a secret military aircraft project, but the idea was not well accepted. It is easy to deny this statement, but there are many reasons to believe that the United States has been hiding the existence of UFOs from the public for many years. When most people think of what a secret military project would look like, they think of something like this. The flying saucer was invented after World War II, so this is a theoretical example.

Pin on Avro & Avro Canada

For a long time, the idea of ​​flying saucers has attracted the imagination of science fiction fans, but for military engineers in real life, this concept is difficult to put into practice. This aircraft was manufactured in Canada and was developed in response to the U.S. military’s requirements for flying saucer-type aircraft. It is said that it can fly at supersonic speeds, maneuver in any direction, and hover over the battlefield.

2. Russia’s “1K17 Szhatie”

1K-17 is an experimental ground-based laser tank, designed by the Soviet Union in 1980. Like most weapons, the 1K-17 was designed to destroy anything. It uses a futuristic laser inspired by Star Wars. Specific applications of this directed energy weapon include blinding enemy sensors or burning armored vehicles. Stealth technology deflects the electromagnetic waves around the aircraft so that it cannot be detected by radar, which may invalidate the enemy’s night vision equipment.

File:Laser tank 1K17 Szhatie -1.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Even more incredible is that this tank also has the ability to completely shut down the enemy’s weapons. Apart from other biological effects, it is not surprising that aiming a high-energy laser at the human body can have devastating effects. In order to prevent retinal problems, the soldiers had to wear a pair of laser goggles. This laser is so powerful that it can blind people who shoot 1K-17.

1. Skinner’s “Project Pigeon”

In World War II, the pigeon was used as a missile guidance system, which is one of the craziest military secrets ever. The history of missile engineering is full of strange stories. In the 1940s, the missile guidance system was so bad that the idea of ​​using radio waves reflected from the ground to guide the missile to hit the target was seriously considered. Some of the earliest missile developers used everything around them to piece together guidance systems.

Project Pigeon

In battle, once the missile is launched, the well-trained pigeon will peck a small screen showing the target with its beak. Inside the nose cone of this missile is a tiny original screen. Unfortunately, the pigeon is also in the nose cone. Pigeons are trained to recognize a specific target, and when the missile is launched, if they peck the computer screen, they will be rewarded. The legendary physiologist and behaviorist Burgess Frederick Skinner was an early developer of this project, and he continued to reward certain behaviors of the pigeons until the pigeons voluntarily made such behaviors.

Research on animals sometimes involves them being injured or killed, and some people are very opinionated about this. Skinner explained that the loss of a bird is reasonable, and their sacrifice is insignificant compared to the destruction caused by Hitler’s relentless bombing.

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