TOP 10 most expensive military helicopters in the world

In today’s rating, we suggest you look at the transport, which you and I will never have. But we can look at it and admire what equipment is being created in different countries of the world and we will talk about helicopters, and the most expensive helicopters in the world. No, friends, they are not for personal use, these are military helicopters.

1 place. USA, Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey – $ 66,000,000

This is not even a helicopter, the correct name for this aircraft is a tiltrotor, in other words a helicopter-plane. The first flight of the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey made in the 1989th year, but entered the work only in the 2007th year and continues to serve the US Marine Corps. At the moment, over 350 units of this equipment have been produced.

2nd place. United States, Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion – $ 65,000,000

A heavy helicopter of the U.S. Army, designed to transport large loads and first flew back in 1964. For all time, 522 pieces of equipment were produced for the air forces of the army, some went to Israel and Germany. Maximum Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion can lift into the air 5.7 tons of cargo, its speed reaches 307 kilometers per hour.

3rd place. USA, Boeing AH-64 Apache – $ 61,000,000

Today it is the best and most popular attack helicopter around the world, and it was created back in the 75th year, and today it is in service with the army of the Netherlands, Japan, Israel and, naturally, America. Already released over two thousand units of the Boeing AH-64 Apache, it is the most successful aircraft of all time.

4th place. France and Germany, Eurocopter Tiger UHT – $ 40,000,000

The joint development of two countries at once, this attack helicopter made its first flight in 1991, became successful and immediately went on sale, today it is in service with the army of Australia, Spain and naturally from its creators. In total, 206 units were produced, worth 40 million bucks. The speed of the Eurocopter Tiger UHT reaches 322 kilometers per hour.

5th place. South Africa, Denel AH-2 Rooivalk – $ 40,000,000

An interesting South African version of an attack helicopter, created in the 90s and then made its first flight. It is only in service with the local army, it took $ 1 billion to develop this miracle of technology. The helicopter has a flight speed of 309 kilometers per hour and a payload capacity of almost 9 tons, which is a lot of friends.

6th place. France and Germany, NHI NH90 – $ 40,000,000

The Franco-German association didn’t calm down and in 1995 created such an expensive multi-purpose helicopter, as a whole this production is not only the merit of these two countries, the companies of Italy and the Netherlands worked with them. True, the latter are still waiting for the arrival of this equipment, but in general they ordered 14 countries of the NHI NH90, it turned out to be very good in battle.

7th place. Russia, Mi-35M – $ 36,000,000

The Russian Mi-35M also got into the rating of the most expensive military helicopters, this helicopter is designed for transportation and has military weapons. Able to deliver troops to the place, destroys armored vehicles. It came into operation in the 2010th year and is already in service with a number of countries, including the Czech Republic, friendly countries and even Myanmar. For all time, more than 120 units have been released.

8th place. USA, Bell AH-1Z Viper – $ 31,000,000

We return to the United States, their helicopter with the nickname “Viper”, shock type and with a four-blade design. Made its first flight in the 2000th year, 11 years later it began to be operated by the US Marine Corps to participate in military operations. High flight speed of 411 kilometers per hour and a payload capacity of 8.5 tons.

9th place. USA, Boeing CH-47 Chinook – $ 29,000,000

An old, but still expensive US Army helicopter, created in the distant 60s and then adopted by the American Army. In total, more than 1.2 thousand units of transporters were produced. Serves as a rescue aircraft, sent to a number of other countries, most located in Italy and Japan.

10th place. England and Italy, AgustaWestland AW101 – $ 22,000,000

This is a very popular helicopter in aviation, which was created by a company of Italians and British. The transport helicopter made its first flight in 1987, and soon the serial production of the model was allowed. This unit has a speed of 309 kilometers per hour, and a payload capacity of 15.5 tons.

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